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GWM Tank 300 Hi4-T PHEV revealed in China

Tank 300 Hi4-T from Great Wall Motor has been revealed by a government regulator in China. It is a plug-in hybrid version of the mid-sized Tank 300 SUV which first went on sale in 2020.

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Currently the Tank 300 comes in two versions a straight ICE with 2.0T engine and a mild hybrid using a 48V system in conjunction with the same engine. There is also a related Tank 330 which has a bigger 3.0 V6 powering it.

GWM applied for market homologation for the Tank 300 Hi4-T, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) revealed the application today, including the pictures and critical specifications.

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Dimensions are unchanged from the standard 300 with the PHEV Hi4-T version having (length/width/height) of 4760/1930/1903 mm respectively and the wheelbase is also the same 2750 mm. Curb weight is up considerably on the Tank 300 with the Hi4-T at 2645 kg compared to 2165 kg for the base spec 2.0T or 2187 kg for higher spec versions and 2200 kg for the mild hybrid.

Wheels are 18-inches and the SUV can seat five people. Towing capacity is 750 kg for an unbraked load and 2000 kg for braked.

According to MIIT power for the 2.0 litre turbo engine is 180 kW which is down from the 185 kW in the PHEV setup in the Tank 500 Hi4-T. The battery is a ternary lithium type using nickel-cobalt-manganese. Capacity is 37.1 kWh unit the same as in both the Tank 400 Hi4-T and Tank 500 Hi4-T. The battery is produced by GWM offshoot Honeycomb Energy (SVOLT). Pure electric range is rated at 105 km CLTC and fuel consumption is 8.8 L/100km.

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Sales are likely to begin in the first half of this year. Prices for the Tank 300 currently range from 199,800 to 302,800 yuan (28,080 – 42,550 USD)) in China. Price for the Hi4-T is likely to be in the upper end of this range based on how the Tank 400 Hi4-T and Tank 500 Hi4-T are priced. Additionally sales can be expected in markets such as the Middle East and Australia where the Tank brand is currently on sale.

Source: MIIT

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