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Xiaomi MS11 EV sedan to get 101 kWh battery for 800 km of range

The Xiaomi MS11 electric sedan will get the long-range version with a 101-kWh ternary (NMC) battery for 800 km of range. It was reported that it will support 800V DC charging. But its weight is quite heavy. Let’s get to the details about the Xiaomi MS11’s battery.

Xiaomi MS11 battery

The battery of the Xiaomi MS11 was spied in China a few days ago. The spy shot was initially published by the MetaAuto Weibo account. Later, it was deleted. However, this image immediately became viral. As we can see, the battery has a sticker with the Xiaomi logo on it. According to the inscription, it is a li-ion battery with a capacity of 101 kWh. Its voltage reaches 726.7 V. As for the rated capacity, it is 139.0 Ah. And finally, the weight of the battery reaches 642 kg. So, its energy density is 157 Wh/kg. It is a pretty average number among lots of batteries. According to the media sources, this battery is ternary (NMC).

We can compare this battery with one from CATL. For an example, let’s compare it with the battery that powers the Avatr 11 SUV. Its capacity is slightly smaller at 90 kWh. Its voltage reaches only 614 V. But its rated capacity is 147.0 Ah. As for the curb weight of the battery, it reaches 520 kg. So, the Avatr’s battery from CATL is seemingly lighter than the one that the Xiaomi MS11 uses. Moreover, its energy density reaches 180 Wh/kg. Previously, it was reported that the Xiaomi MS11 will be equipped with the CATL battery. However, we can see that it is too heavy. What is more, its energy density lacks behind the CATL’s standards.

According to sources, the long-range version of Xiaomi MS11 will be equipped with this battery. As a result, its range will reach 800 km. It looks like this range will be feasible only for the RWD model. As for the 4WD one, its range with the same battery will reach 600-650 km (CLTC).

Xiaomi MS11 information

We will remind you that the Xiaomi MS11 will be possibly called as “Modena”. It will hit the Chinese market next year. Previously, it was reported that the MS11 will have three versions. The first two of them will have BYD’s Blade Battery (LFP). And the third one will have a ternary (NMC) battery from CATL. As we have already mentioned, it is a questionable statement. On the other hand, the MS11 will be also equipped with a LiDAR sensor and the 8295 Qualcomm’s chip. Xiaomi wants to manufacture cars on their own. However, the BAIC Group will supply some exterior parts to it. Speaking about the MS11’s price range, it will b about of 260,000 – 350,000 yuan (36,400 – 49,000 USD).

Source: Weibo, Yiyouliao, Xchuxing, Weibo Sugar Design

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