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Buy a Skyworth EV live to 100 says founder

Do you suffer from high blood pressure or need to eliminate habitual diarrhea and improve your immune system, well according to Huang Hongsheng a Skyworth is the car for you. Speaking at the Beijing Auto Show Huang, the founder of Skyworth Auto, went on to declare that by diving a Skyworth the life span of every owner would be extended by 30 years meaning that they could live to a 100 years old!

Recently we brought you the story of Great Wall Chairman Wei Jianjun hitting the showroom salesfloor but it seems that Skyworth’s Huang is resorting to snake oil sales techniques. At the Beijing Auto Show Huang declared “Since driving a Skyworth electric car my high blood pressure, diabetes and other problems have been cured.”

This is not the first time that Huang has said such things. At the 2023 Skyworth Automobile Spring Technology Conference he made similar claims saying the average life of an entrepreneur is 10 years shorter than normal but can be extended by 30 years by using a Skyworth car! His claim is the car helps at a cellular level to expand the limits of human lifespan.

Huang demonstrating the sleep function, the Chinese caption says “This is Chinese medicine”

There is of course no proof behind Huang’s claims, however, Skyworth on its website does promote that the EV6 model has active sleep promotion technology which supposedly can help health by actively promoting a deep sleep state along with actively monitoring the sleep quality and health indicators.

Huang sleeps everyday in the car at noon and claims that is better than sleeping in the office saying that if you sleep in the office you will think about work.

Skyworth is one of the myriad of obscure Chinese new energy vehicle producers. Originally the company was known as Skywell New Energy Group and was founded in 2017 and started out as a collaboration between the home appliance producer Skyworth and Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Company which is also known by the name of its marque Skywell. Huang Hongsheng, who is also known as Stephen Wong, became chairman of Skywell in 2012 and by 2015 owned 80% of the company. In April 2021 the new energy car division was renamed Skyworth to differentiate itself from the bus producer.

Huang talking about the health benefits of the car. The slide behind him is laying out how it’s helped his health.

The company seems to really only have one model the Skyworth EV6 which was previously known as the Skywell ET5. Last year the car managed to score one star in the C-NCAP crash safety test. The EV6 is an all electric car and there is a PHEV version sold as the HT-i which features BYD‘s DM-i system.

Sales of the car in China are poor with iFeng reporting sales in China of 21,900 in 2022 and 18,600 in 2023 against a target of 40,000 units. Surprisingly, though for such an obscure brand it seems to do reasonably well with exports. Supposedly the brand was the eighth best selling brand for new energy vehicle exports last year with sales of 10,648, more than three times as much as XPeng! The EV6 is even available in right hand drive and in many markets it has been renamed by local importers.

For anyone still wondering about the veracity of Huang’s claim, you might do well to know he served three years in jail from 2006 for his role in embezzling money from Skyworth subsidiaries.

Sources: Fast Technology, iFeng, Yoojia, ResearchInChina,

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