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Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard Logo Meaning

The vehicle was named after Alphard, the brightest star in the constellation Hydra.

If you take a close look at the Alphard’s emblem, it is in fact a stylized version of the first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha (α). You could also say, it’s a hydra shaped like an alpha.

To understand the meaning behind the logo of the Toyota Alphard, a little astrology and mythology lesson is necessary.

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Brand Overview

Founded: 2002

Manufacturer: Toyota

Official Site:

The Toyota Alphard is a full-size luxury MPV (minivan) produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 2002. Its traditional competitor from Nissan is the Elgrand. Toyota also makes a sportier version of the Alphard, called the Vellfire.

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Other Logos


Toyota Alphard Logo (wordmark, 1250x150)Download (PNG)

OldAlphard Logo

Toyota Alphard Symbol (Old)Download (PNG)

Since the second generation Alphard, the model is split into Alphard and Vellfire model names separately. The Alphard has a luxury orientation while the Vellfire has a sporty orientation. The Vellfire name was derived from “velvet” and “fire” to emphasize the vehicle’s “smooth” and “passionate” characteristics. Both model names bear similar front and rear fascia, but the grill design, headlamps and tail lamps are different.

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