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50 Cases of Beiben KD Parts Sent to Russia by China-Europe Railway Express Train

50 Cases of Beiben KD Parts Sent to Russia by China-Europe Railway Express Train

Date:2024-02-23 Author:Tom

On January 28th, the launching ceremony of the first China-Europe Railway Express train was held in Baotou city. 55 cases of Beiben KD bulk parts will be sent to Yekaterinburg, Russia on this train, which is the first time it has been shipped overseas by train.

Beiben Trucks Group said that the opening of the China-European Railway Express train will not only greatly reduce the cost of transportation and time, but also realize three firsts in Beiben’s foreign trade business. 1: first export of fire fighting trucks 2. First export by railway express train. 3. First KD exports to Russia. All these efforts will lay a solid foundation for its further expansion abroad.

Meanwhile, Beiben Truck also made a breakthrough in the natural gas truck market. On January 26, its large horsepower NG tractor unit was handed over to customer in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, marking its high horsepower NG tractor units successfully enter the market.

According to reports, this product has got a full upgrade with a curb weight of only 8.3 tons. The gas consumed by the truck per 100km is 3kg less than its competitors. The vehicle comes standard with a 15L engine that produces a maximum power of 560 hp and peak torque of 2,600 N-m at a super low speed of 1000 rpm. The vehicle’s power performance has been increased by 8%, enabling it to better cope with a variety of complex working conditions.

At the same time, the truck is equipped with Dual Cavity Technology + 360 Surround View + BSD Blind Zone Monitoring Intelligent System, Flat Floor Cab, Multi-functional Air Suspension Seats, Intelligent LCD Instrument Cluster and Multi-functional Entertainment System, which will bring you a comfortable driving experience.

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