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BYD launched new Han DM-i and DM-p PHEV sedans. Price starts at 27,000 USD

Today, BYD has launched the new BYD Han PHEV with DM-i and DM-p hybrid drivetrains. The Han DM-i has up to 200 km of full electric range, a 1.5-liter ICE, a single electric motor for 197 horses, and a starting price of 189,800 RMB (27,000 USD). As for the Han DM-p, it also can run up to 200 km on a single charge and has a 1.5-liter ICE under the hood. But it has two electric motors with a total power output of 490 horses.

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BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition

First, let’s start with the BYD Han DM-i, a less powerful and exciting, but much more reasonable vehicle. It seems that this model will also become the Han series’ bestseller soon. Here, we can also mention some basic stuff about the 2023 model year Han. It is called ‘Champion Edition’, similar to recently launched BYD Seal, BYD Han EV and BYD Tang. Its exterior and interior styling weren’t changed, but it has got a new body color called Glacier Blue. Anyway, its dimensions also weren’t changed. They are 4975/1910/1495 mm with a wheelbase of 2920 mm.

Inside, the BYD Han DM-i has got a large 15.6-inch rotatable screen (12.8-inch screen in entry-level cars). Its other features are a retractable gear selector, a big LCD instrument panel and a two-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom. So, from a first sight, the 2023 model year car hasn’t changed much. But it has some valuable upgrades. The Han DM-i Champion Edition is equipped with an NFC key function that is compatible with both IOS and Android based phones. It also has got W-HUD display that shows speed, vehicle information, navigation info, etc. The Han DM-i got FSD suspension system that automatically adjusts the damping force. Moreover, suspension arms and a steering knuckle of the Han DM-i Champion Edition are made of aluminum.

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The Han DM-i has a 1.5-liter turbocharged ICE under the hood that generates 139 horses. It is paired with an electric motor on the front axle for 197 hp. This powertrain helps Han DM-i to speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds. As for the battery, two options are available: 18.3 kWh LFP battery for 121 km of electric range (NEDC); 30.7 kWh LFP battery for 200 km of electric range. As for the mixed range, it reaches 1260 km with a bigger battery.

The price range of the Han DM-i with a smaller battery is 189,800 – 219,800 RMB (27,000 – 31,300 USD). If you want to upgrade to a bigger battery, the price range will rise to 239,800 – 249,800 RMB (34,100 – 35,500 USD).

BYD Han DM-p Ares Edition

The Han DM-p Ares Edition stays quite close to the DM-i version in terms of appearance and styling. But it has one distinguishing feature which is a black exterior color. According to BYD, they picked BASF third-generation black paint that is known as ‘the blackest black paint’. Moreover, BYD blacked all the exterior trim details such as window frames, wheels, logos, etc. With all that said, the Han DM-p’s buyer can be totally sure that he is driving the ‘blackest’ BYD Han. But its brake calipers suddenly are yellow. Why aren’t they ‘blackest’ too? Only BYD knows. Aside from color scheme, it is the good old Han with the size of the DM-i model.

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The interior of the Han DM-p Ares Edition is also black with fine orange stitching and yellow seat belts. So, BYD made it clear: if something is ‘blackest’, it should have some yellow in it. The Han DM-p also got sporty seats with integrated headrest. Speaking of the interesting functions, this vehicle is equipped with DiSus-C suspension system that helps to adjust the suspension to make it sportier or softer, depending on the driver’s needs.

Now, let’s speak about the Han DM-p Ares Edition’s powertrain. It comprises a 1.5-liter 139-hp ICE and two electric motors with a combined power of 490 hp (218 + 272). The system’s peak power output reaches 579 horses. As for the peak torque, it is 822 Nm. These impressive numbers let the Han DM-p Ares Edition to speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. As for the battery, it is an LFP with a capacity of 36 kWh, good for 200 km of full electric and 1,120 km of mixed range.

The price tag of the Han DM-p Ares Edition reaches 289,800 RMB (41,200 USD). So, it is surprisingly cheap for the vehicle with this level of performance.

Editor’s comment

BYD gradually refreshes its model line, adding some nice features like the NFC system, a new body color or aluminum suspension. Worth mentioning that BYD Han DM-i and DM-p models both now cost less than the 2022 model year models. The top trim level of the Han DM-i became 42,000 RMB (5,975 USD) cheaper by getting rid of the version with the 37-kWh battery. As for the Han DM-p, its price was lowered by 32,000 RMB (4,550 USD), again, because it has a slightly smaller battery. This notable price reduction will help BYD to attract even more buyers to PHEV versions of the BYD Han.

Source: BYD, BYD Weibo, Autohome

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