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BYD-made Songsan SS Dolphin retro-roadster spotted on the streets in China

This is the 2021 Songsang SS Dolphin – a retro roadster inspired by Chevrolet Corvette 1958, also called C1. SS Dolphin is a plugin hybrid, and manufacturing was outsourced to BYD. As Songsang has no car-production license in China, SS Dolphin is legally a BYD car and has to wear a BYD logo.

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Songsang Motor was born out of Beijing Motor Club, a community CarNewsChina is quite familiar with. They were actively involved in tuning shows around China, showcasing impressive Harley Davidsons and many retro American elements, including vintage attire, jukeboxes, and a classic hot dog stand. They started in 1995 as a bunch of car culture enthusiasts, and in 2000, they went officially into business, trading and customizing motorcycles and classic cars.

Those guys love America, and in 2019 they decided to take their passion to the next level. They introduced their first production car, the Corvette-inspired SS Dolphin, and launched it a year later at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. The car was supposed to cost 598,000 yuan (83,000 USD), but the price was later increased to 700,000 yuan (97,000 USD).

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Under a contract-manufacturing agreement, BYD is responsible for production. The platform, powertrains, software, and infotainment systems are all sourced from BYD, while Songsan designs the vehicle bodies.

SS Dolphin sits on BYD’s PHEV platform and is equipped with 1.5T ICE with 118 kW and an electric motor with 110 kW. The battery has a capacity of 16 kWh, suitable for a 100km EV-only range. The combined maximum output is 235 kW (315 HP) and 535 Nm of torque. The car has a 6-speed gear, and the 0-100km/h acceleration is 5.9 seconds.

BYD logo and dolphin on SS Dolphin

The retro roadster has two seats and dimensions are 4855/1900/1431 mm, and a wheelbase of 2700 mm.

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SS Dolphin is a PHEV with a 16 kWh battery.

The SS Dolphin is not the only vehicle from Songsan. In 2021, the second car was launched: SS Summer, a Volkswagen Type 1 minibus-inspired PHEV. Despite VW T-1 being a German car, it gained fame in America during the hippie era, so that might be why folks from Sangson decided to develop it.

SS Summer is a VW T-1-inspired MPV

Although the car badge must have the BYD logo for legal reasons, Songsang also includes its branding. The Songsang logo resembles an inflated German Iron Cross; I’m not sure why the company used it for a US-inspired car brand. Maybe they want to point out that SS Dolphin unites American design with German quality.

S Dolphin interior

CarNewsChina contacted Songsang and learned that the company also prepares a 4-door sedan based on SS Dolphin. So for all of you who want a Chevy Corvette sedan, China got you covered.

SS Dolphin with Songsang logo – interestingly, in the Latin alphabet, saying Beijing Songsang.

Correction June 20, 11:32 pm GMT+8: The earlier version of the article included information that the 1954 Corvette inspired SS Dolphin, while it was the 1958 version.

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