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BYD’s Europe bound 3 Lidar unit PHEV Denza Z9 GT revealed

Last month we got to learn more about the EV version of the Denza Z9 GT thanks to a government ministry. This month it’s the turn of the PHEV version. The Europe bound wagon will launch this month with sales and deliveries beginning soon after, Europe though will have to wait until next year to get their hands on this car.

This month the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) reported that BYD applied for market homologation of the PHEV version of the Denza Z9 GT, revealing the specifications and pictures of the production version. No car can be sold in China without MIIT approval, and the ministry publishes the list monthly. Quite why the PHEV version is appearing a month after the EV version though is a mystery but perhaps the PHEV version will launch slightly later than the fully electric Z9 GT.

Size wise the PHEV version is no different to the EV coming in at 5180, 1990, 1500 mm (l/w/h) and riding on a wheelbase of 3125 mm. Curb weight however is down a bit at 2740 kg. Buyers have a choice of 20 or 21-inch wheels.

Options for the PHEV Denza Z9 GT

Despite being a PHEV it still has a three electric motor setup as with the all-electric version but maximum power of each motor is down. On the PHEV the front gets a 200 kW peak power TZ210XYD motor whereas the rear axle has two TZ220XYAV motors, each with up to 220 kW. Battery size is currently unknown but will of course by blade units from BYD. Providing additional power is a BYD479ZQA 2.0T engine from BYD which has additional maximum power of 152 kW. Maximum speed of the PHEV surprisingly is 10 km/h slower than the EV at a mere 230 km/h.

The PHEV Denza Z9 GT will offer versions both with and without Lidar. It is not absolutely clear but it seems that some versions will have three lidar units. Options in the MIIT listing show a roof mounted Lidar unit along with two different bumper integrated configurations. Air suspension is also an option which reduces the height to 1480 mm. We know that the Denza Z9 GT also comes with a panoramic roof and an electric wing.

The Lidar unit locations on the PHEV Denza Z9 GT

Denza has come a long way from its slow selling days when it is was a 50:50 joint venture. Mercedes-Benz watered down its stake in 2021 and since then the brand has gone front strength to strength.

Source: MIIT

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