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Li Auto wins top spot in high-end SUV sales in November

Driving around the urban streets of China, it is easy to see that Li Auto is a popular SUV brand. In November this year, Li Auto sold 41,800 SUV vehicles making it the best-selling SUV maker in a price segment above 300,000 yuan (about 41,00USD). All three models of Li Auto’s SUV lineup, the L7, L8, and L9 are priced above this threshold. This isn’t the first time that Li Auto earned the top spot in this category.

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This impressive achievement marks the eighth consecutive month that Li has managed to outsell all other brands above the 300,000 yuan price threshold. The second best-selling SUV car maker in the category was BMW with 29,200 sales and the third was Mercedes Benz with 21,800 units sold. The next best Chinese automaker on the list was Nio coming in 6th place in November with 9,700 units sold.

Li Auto also performed well in the over 200,000 yuan (about 27,000 USD) category, placing second in sales. First was Telsa with its popular Model Y selling 65,400 units and third place went to BYD with 29,700 units sold. Chinese automakers dominated this price category with Xpeng, Nio, Geely, and several other brands rounding out the top 10. With an ambitious goal of selling 50,000 units in December, it will be interesting to see if Li Auto can continue to dominate in these price classes til the end of the year.

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Li Auto was one of the first Chinese SUV makers to introduce a big, bold yet sleek-looking luxury electric-powered SUV to the Chinese market, giving it a first-mover advantage. However, hot on the heels of Li is the Aito brand with its popular M7 SUV (slightly under the 300,000 yuan price threshold) which sold over 17,000 units in November (outselling all individual Li Auto SUVs), and with its soon-launch M9 flagship, the Chinese SUV maker competition is heating up.

It was reported earlier this month that Li Auto reached a milestone of 600,000 vehicles sold. According to an article in the highly distributed publication of the Shanghai Observer, Li Auto is the first Chinese automaker to reach 600,000 units of smart PHEV-type vehicles (plug-in hybrids).

The Li Auto SUV line up

With pre-orders already pilling in and the launch of Li’s first all-electric Mega MPV on the horizon with deliveries scheduled for early next year, we will see how Li performs in the other categories as well.

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Source: Shanghai Observer

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