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Lynk & Co 08 from Geely revealed in teaser images

The Lynk & Co 08 has been officially unveiled in teaser images. Previously, this vehicle was known by its code name ‘DX11’. Its exterior stays in line with the brand’s latest design language. Let’s get to some details about the Lynk & Co 08.

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We will remind you that Lynk & Co is the brand under Geely Group, founded in 2016. Nowadays, it sells petrol-powered vehicles, HEVs and PHEVs. Its model line currently comprises 6 vehicles (01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 09). But currently, Lynk & Co sells only one model overseas. And it is the 01 SUV that was launched in 2017. In 2022, Lynk & Co sold 180,127 vehicles. Soon, its model line will add up one more car, the Lynk & Co 08, that will probably enhance the brand sales volume.

Basic information about the Lynk & Co 08

Initially, the Lynk & Co 08 was known by its code name ‘DX11’. It is a sporty SUV coupe. It stands on the CMA 2.0 platform that will also underpin the upcoming all-new Volvo XC60. In fact, the Lynk & Co is a mid-size fastback SUV. It has five seats and a sporty shape. As for the powertrain, the Lynk & Co 08 will be a PHEV with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder ICE engine.

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Worth mentioning that the Lynk & Co 08 will be the first vehicle to use Meizu’s Flyme Auto in-car system. Here, we will also remind you that Geely acquired Meizu last year. Back to the technology itself, it will support the advanced connection with a smartphone and will have deep customization. As we can see on the interior image, the Lynk & Co 08 has a huge floating screen. You can split the screen and use the navigation in the one part, and another app in the other part.

The Lynk & Co 08 will make its public debut soon at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2023. As for the official launch, it will happen in Q3 this year.

Lynk & Co 08 teaser images

Lynk & Co The Next Day concept car

Before Lynk & Co unveiled teaser images, we saw the 08 in spy shots and in official images wrapped in camouflage. Now, we can see that the Lynk & Co 08 got the exterior design that stays in line with The Next Day concept car, revealed in June 2022.

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The Lynk & Co 08 got famous brand’s running lights with twin vertical light strip atop the bonnet. As those light strips going up, they merge into a single element. As for the main block of lights, it is situated in the front bumper. We can also see that the front end of the 08 got sporty air intakes. There is also glossy plastic trim in the lower part of its body.

The taillight of the Lynk & Co 08 stays in line with the Zeekr X electric SUV, which was also inspired by The Next Day concept. It will have a single thin taillight unit. As we can see, the Lynk & Co 08’s side view mirrors got black trim with an illuminated ‘Lynk & Co’ inscription.  

All in all, the Lynk & Co 08 looks nice. It has got nice exterior design with interesting features. More on the Lynk & Co 08 as we get it.

Source: Lynk & Co Weibo, IThome, Dongchedi

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