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Wey Gaoshan aims at families looking for second vehicle or replacement, GWM Wey CPO

The chief product officer (CPO), Li Wanpeng, at Great Wall Motor Wey gave an interview to the local automotive outlet Internet Information Agency during Chengdu Auto Show. The CPO presented the work and ideas behind the brand’s latest plug-in hybrid model, Gaoshan DHT-PHEV, as well as how the Wey brand sees the Chinese MPV market.

Wey sees sustainable growth in middle, high-end MPV market

Chief product officer at Great Wall Motor Wey, Li Wanpeng

The Chinese MPV market is saturated, the competition is fierce and the products started to look alike. However, we realized that middle and high-end market above 200,000 yuan (27,500 USD) is developing fast and shows the signs of sustained growth. The slowdown is in low-end market, CPO said at the beginning of the interview.

Further, we found out that 58% of the market is made of families. Ageing population, the change in the structure of the families caused a change in the number of members in the average family, which increased the demand for space in the vehicle, CPO explained.

MPV is usually bought by customers who are looking for the second car or a replacement. These people are usually looking for comfort, so MPV will be the direction in which more and more people move. Because, they had enough of driving SUVs, they already have a sedan, so they are looking for better driving experience, so MPV might become the choice for more and more people, said CPO and added that MPV is similar to 6-seat SUV, but has advantages.

Gaoshan is made for families looking for space and comfort

So, we built Wey Gaoshan to provide the families with much needed space and comfort, as well as easier driving. Thanks to our research and communication with our customers, we realized that 5 m vehicle length with all-wheel-drive (AWD) provides enough space and comfort, but at the same time it is easy to park for beginner drivers, said CPO.

AWD makes the car stable as well as easier to park and control. In addition we installed zero-gravity chairs, which can be adjusted for legs and back, the first of the kind in the market.. The chairs are arranged into three rows with second and third row on the same rail, both rows can be moved forward to adjust the space in vehicle according to the luggage and number of passengers, CPO explained.

We also added a 12.5L refrigerator that can be used by the front and second row at the same time. The temperature can be adjusted at 0-50°C range and can keep the adjusted temperature for 24 h. The MPV also boasts with Harman Kardon speakers. Gaoshan is the first Chinese MPV to be equipped with the speakers usually find in luxury brands, such as BMW, CPO said.

Wey Gaoshan plug-in hybrid (PHEV) MPV started pre-sales on Chengdu Auto Show last week. The manufacturer offers buyers 5,000 yuan discount on the vehicle price for 1,000 yuan deposit. The PHEV has a 1.5-liter ICE for 156 hp and a 37.96 kWh battery produced by SVOLT that enables 150 km in the electric mode and a total range of 1,000 km.

A 7-seat MPV with a curb weight of 2610-2730 kg offers bigger dimensions compared to Toyota Alphard. The 5045/1960/1900 mm chassis sits on a wheelbase of 3085 mm. The wheels are pretty standard, they are 245/50 R18. Wey also mentioned that there is 340 mm of trunk space behind the third row of seats.

Source: Internet Info Agency

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