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Mercedes-Benz logo (2011–Present) 1920x1080 HD png

Mercedes-Benz Logo (2011–Present)
1920×1080 HD png

Mercedes-Benz Information
Founded 1926
Founder Karl Benz
Gottlieb Daimler
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany
Divisions Mercedes-AMG
Slogan “The Best or Nothing”
Owner Daimler AG
Official Site

Mercedes-Benz is a global automobile marque and a division of the German company Daimler AG. The brand is known for luxury vehicles, buses, coaches, and lorries. It is also the name of the world’s oldest continuously produced automobile line. Its contemporary competition in automobile production is from BMW, Audi, Lexus, Cadillac and Infiniti.

Mercedes-Benz logo (2009) 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Mercedes-Benz Logo (2009)
1920×1080 (HD Png)

Although the evolution of the logo comprises more than 120 years, most of its life it has been represented by today’s badge — the triangle star, one of most well-known logotypes in the car industry.

Mercedes-Benz logo (2008) 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Mercedes-Benz Logo (2008)
1920×1080 (HD Png)

The logo comprises of an illustration of a three-pointed star that symbolizes the company’s “domination of the land, the sea, and the air”. It was first introduced in 1909.

Mercedes-Benz Emblem (1926) 1920x1080 (HD 1080p)

Mercedes-Benz Emblem (1926)
1920×1080 (HD Png)

In 1926, after the merging of Benz and Daimler, which resulted in the inception of a new german automobile brand – Mercedes-Benz, the actual trademark was finally developed. It is a star of three pikes embosomed with a bordering with laureate wreath and the brand name on it, which still designates Mercedes cars. Since then the logo has experienced insignificant amendments, the bordering of laurel wreath morphed into an unpretentious circle.

Mercedes-Benz logo 640x480

Mercedes-Benz symbol 640x480

Mercedes-Benz emblem 640x480

The Mercedes logo is an extremely effective corporate logo and due its striking simplicity, clarity and consistency, it is very easy to remember and recognize. The most frequent colors that you will see in the Mercedes logo are black and silver. The silver color depicts sophistication, creativity and perfection, whereas the black color stands for elegance, integrity and purity. It has now become one of the world’s most popular, adored and instantly recognizable logos.

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