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Tauro Sport Auto

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Tauro Sport Auto Information
Founded 2010
Headquarters Valladolid, Spain
Official Site

Tauro Sport Auto is a Spanish manufacturer of luxury sports cars based in Valladolid, founded in 2010, when a group of Spanish businessmen joined with a British manufacturer of racing cars to create the company.

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Their most popular model is the Tauro V8, it is based on the mechanical underpinnings i.e. chassis of the Pontiac Solstice and is powered by a Chevrolet-sourced powertrain as its base engine and is offered in four variants: Spider, Coupe, Saeta and Portago. The Spider is based on the Kappa platform, purchased from GM. New body styling and a range of big V-8 has replaced the turbocharged four cylinder, the interior design has now some modifications, upgraded in materials and given a variety of colors. The Tauro’s core markets include the European Union, Russia, United Arab Emirates, China, and America.

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