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GWM Haval Veyron SUV patent images leak in China

Haval Veyron SUV will be released to the market next year, and the price is expected to be around 200,000 yuan (28k USD). It will sit on the Hi4 plug-in hybrid platform and compete with Li Auto’s Li 7 and L8, Huawei Aito M7, and BYD Tang.

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Haval is a brand under Great Wall Motor (GWM), one of the largest privately owned Chinese automakers. It specializes in crossovers and SUVs. In Europe, GWM is best known for its EV brand ORA, which sells its compact electric hatchback ORA Funky Cat. Like most Chinese auto builders, GWM is not short of subbrands: Wey, Tank – which focuses on hardcore SUVs, Poer – which specializes in pickups, and SAR.

The last brand, SAR, was where the Veyron SUV was supposed to belong initially. However, the brand was discontinued after strategic changes following the resignation of CEO Wang Fengying, who left to become the President of Xpeng. You might remember SAR due to its most controversial electric vehicle, SAR Saloon Mecha Dragon, which was unveiled last year. Its lineup was distributed among GWM’s other brands, so the Mecha Dragon went under the ORA umbrella, the unnamed SUV was under the Wey brand, and Veyron was moved under the Haval brand. You can notice the patent images still have the SAR round logo on the front of the car.

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In the GWM lineup, Veyron will be positioned above the Haval Raptor. The front face looks pretty similar to Haval Xiaolong, and from the side patent pictures, we can see the fastback design has lots in common with the Tank 400 and Tank 700 look.

The patent images were pretty low quality, so we did some magic in the graphic editor to enlarge them into high resolution. Moreover, a friend of CarNewsChina 拉面师傅 created fan renders of Veyron, which we add below.

GWM Haval Veyron renders. Credit: 拉面师傅

Like the fourth model under the Dragon series, Haval Raptor, Veyron will also carry GWM’s Hi4 plug-in hybrid system. Hi4 has two powertrain sets at its disposal: 1.5L+DHT+P4 and 1.5T+DHT+P4. Both systems offer a combined power of 340 kW.

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Qiao Xinyu, Haval’s deputy general manager, previously announced that a 4WD Hi4-T SUV will be released in 2024, most likely referred to as Haval Veyron. Local media speculate it will be a 6-7 seater carrying a new generation of GWM’s ADAS systems. We will keep an eye on it.

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