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Neta displays two models in the UAE as it accelerates overseas expansion

Hozon Auto’s brand Neta showed two models in UAE at the Formula 1 Gran Prix. They brought the Neta S electric sedan and Neta GT coupe to the racetrack at Yas Bay. According to Neta, this event opened a new chapter of the brand in the Middle Eastern market.

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Briefly on Neta

Neta is a mainstream NEV brand launched in 2018 by Hozon Auto. Neta’s model line comprises four vehicles: Neta Aya, Neta X, Neta S, and Neta GT. In the first ten months of 2023, Neta sold 91,478 cars in China. Its sales volume isn’t exceptional. Neta took the 10th place among Chinese NEV makers domestically.

However, Neta is quite famous for its overseas expansion. Currently, it sells two models overseas: Neta V and Neta U. It is finishing its plant in Thailand to make right-hand drive versions of its cars. In October, Neta announced its entry to the Middle Eastern countries. This month, Neta disclosed it will sell vehicles in the Latin American market, starting with Costa Rika. Moreover, this company intends to launch in Europe, signing a memorandum of understanding with BNP Paribas.

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Next year, Neta hopes to sell over 100,000 units in over 50 countries. It wants to reach a 1 million annual sales milestone by 2026.

Neta in the UAE

Recently, the Formula 1 Gran Prix took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Neta displayed two models: the Neta S sedan and the Neta GT coupe. On October 29, Neta started shipping its vehicles to Turkey, announcing its effort to expand into the UAE market. It signed a strategic cooperation agreement with United Arab Emirates’ EIH Automotive & Trading to accelerate its entry.

A month after its announcement, Neta brought two models to the UAE to display them around the racetrack at Yas Bay. According to the brand’s representatives, the presence of these vehicles here marks a new chapter in the Middle East. Interestingly, S and GT are both sold in the domestic market only. It seems that the UAE can become the first overseas market for Neta S and Neta GT.

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It wasn’t disclosed which car would enter the overseas market earlier. But it seems that the Neta GT will be faster than the S. We will get more details on Neta’s overseas plans in 2024.

Neta GT

Neta GT is a four-seat, two-door coupe with dimensions of 4715/1979/1415 mm and a wheelbase of 2770 mm. It stands on Shanhai architecture that also underpins Neta S sedan. Inside, the Neta GT has a 17.6-inch portrait-oriented screen. Its RWD option has a 231-hp e-motor. The 4WD trim has two motors for 462 horses. Depending on the battery, the Neta GT range is 560 – 660 km. Its price range in China is 178,800 – 235,800 yuan (25,240 – 33,290 USD).

Neta S

Neta S is a four-door sedan with dimensions of 4980/1980/1450 mm and a wheelbase of 2980 mm. It has BEV and EREV powertrains. The all-electric Neta S with RWD has a 231-hp electric motor on the rear axle. The 4WD trim has 462 horses. The range is 520 – 715 km. The EREV modification of the Neta S has a 1.5-liter ICE and a 231-hp e-motor on the rear axle. Its mixed range lies in the 1060 – 1160 km range. Its price is 159,800 – 269,800 yuan (22,560 – 38,090 USD).

Source: Neta

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