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Avatr E16 spy shots show brands new sedan

Earlier this month we revealed the new Avatr 07 which was previously referred to as at the Avatr 15. We knew that is was one of two new smaller more mass market cars from the brand under development. However until now nothing much was known about the E16 previously just referred to as at the Avatr 16 other than that it was sedan designed to compete with the Tesla Model 3. We now though have a set of early spy shots for the car which give us some idea of what the new model, which will likely debut before the end of the year, will look like.

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Signs mean nothing in China, it’s very common to see someone smoking right next to the no-smoking notice, and so the photographer paid no heed to the big no photography stickers on the car. Anyway, we’re not complaining and we can see that the new car follows the general Avatr family line with features such as the double-layer LED daytime running lights. Although definitely a sedan it has a very high rear end and it is difficult from the camouflage shot to see whether there is really any rear windshield or whether like the Avatr 12 it is just faired over.

With the E15 becoming the Avatr 07 we can most likely expect the E16 to be called Avatr 08, although 06 is a possibility. The E16 and Avatr 07 are quite closely related and should be of a similar size. Most likely the wheelbase will be exactly the same at 2940 mm. Height of course will be lower than the 07’s 1620 mm but the length and width of 4825 and 1980 mm respectively should be quite similar on the E16.

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Clearly the spy shots show the extended range EV version and the Avatr E16 will come in both all-electric and EREV versions. The motor setup is likely to be the same as with the Avatr 07. This means for the EV, single motor versions use a 252 kW motor on the rear axle with dual motor versions adding a 188 kW motor to the front. Range-extenders will use a 1.5 liter engine for generation. Motion will likely come from a 231 kW motor on the rear axle with an additional 131 kW motor at the front for all-wheel drive versions.

Autohome believe the prices will be in the 250,000 – 350,000 range but given the cut throat nature of the market at the moment Car News China believes they will need to be considerably cheaper than that to get the volume the brand expects from the new model.

Avatr started out as a joint venture between Changan and Nio. After Nio withdrew due to financial problems battery producer CATL joined the brand. Currently Changan holds 41% ownership, CATL 14%, Chongqing Chengan Foundation 11% and the remainder spread over various investment groups. Huawei is not a shareholder but provides much of the tech including the HarmonyOS operating system for the cockpit and Huawei ADS 2.0 for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Huawei’s self-driving system is one of the most advanced in China.

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The Avatr E16 along with the Avatr 07 will be important as the brand pushes into international markets starting with Thailand later this year.

Source: Autohome

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