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BYD Debuted Offical Images of BYD HAN EV/DM

Recently, BYD officially released the official image of its mid-to-large size sedan, the BYD Han EV / DM model, it adopts a four-door coupe-type body design, wind resistance coefficient is only 0.233Cd. At the same time, according to previous information, BYD Han may be listed at the end of the second quarter / early third quarter of 2020 (about June).


According to the official map released this time, BYD Han continues the family design language of BYD Dragon Face as a whole, the combination of the heavy-depressed front and the slightly raised three-dimensional lines on the engine compartment cover creates a feeling of dive. At the same time, the flat and narrow light set, combined with the three-stage air intake below and the slightly shovel-shaped front lip, make the new car look more dynamic.

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According to the official info, we can see that the red in the picture is BYD Han EV model; the dark blue is BYD Han DM model. It is worth mentioning that the EV version of BYD Han has upgraded and evolved the family-oriented Dragon Face language in front face design, further improving its overall recognition and vehicle wind resistance coefficient.

In terms of side styling, it uses a sleek arc to outline a slip-back body shape, the powerful waistline extends upward from the rear door to the rear of the car, making the entire side look ready visual sense. At the same time, starting from the C-pillar of the car, the upper part of the cabin gradually narrows, forming a wide shoulder shape that is beautiful and full of power. In conjunction with the hidden door handle design, it strengthens the airflow that fits the body and effectively reduces the side Eddy current to further reduce wind resistance and optimize wind resistance coefficient.

In 2015, BYD released some parameters of BYD Han under study, it can be seen that the length, width, and height of the car are 4950/1890 / 1490mm and the wheelbase is 2940mm. In terms of power, the front-drive model is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.0T engine and a 150-horsepower front axle motor, and a three-engine four-wheel-drive model will also include a rear axle motor with a maximum power of 476 horsepower. For more information about the new car, we will also continue to pay attention.

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