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BYD Intelligent driving NOA system set for a pivotal upgrade in March

BYD’s announcement of a substantial upgrade to its intelligent driving system signals a notable advancement in its efforts to improve this technology. Scheduled for March 30th, this update signifies a significant step forward for BYD in the realm of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The upgrade will further enhance its Navigation On Autopilot (NOA) or its internally known Urban Navigation Assistance (UNA) system in cities across China.

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The upgrade was alluded to in 2023 with the BYD Denza N7 with its advanced lidar system and came on the heels of recent improvements to Xpeng’s XNGP intelligent driving system. Telsa has also been a strong competitor in the intelligent driving race, with announcements last year aiming to improve its FSD system. According to sources, the initial rollout of BYD’s Urban Navigation Assistance (UNA) system is slated for March 30th, starting with the N7 model among its existing lineup of over 20 vehicles.

Sources suggest that the UNA system will initially be implemented in several major cities, with Shenzhen being a primary target. Since January this year, BYD’s planning institute has been actively recruiting talent for its intelligent driving division. Sources reveal a significant number of positions available for intelligent driving engineers, including several high-ranking positions.

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Before 2023, BYD primarily focused on mass market sales, where advanced intelligent driving features held less significance due to pricing and technological considerations. However, the landscape has evolved, with many competitors entering the high-end market segment and making intelligent driving a standard feature for high-end vehicles. This shift underscores the heightened importance of intelligent driving for BYD. Observing its current actions, BYD seems to be employing a strategy akin to its approach in the electrification sector: leveraging in-house research to master core components.

Since the first half of 2023, BYD has been developing its Urban Navigation Assistance (UNA) system, aligning with the industry trend towards urban NOA deployment. By December 2023, Li Auto aimed to launch its urban NOA in 110 cities, while Xpeng announced its urban NGP landing in 243 cities in January 2024.

BYD’s progress in intelligent driving marks a significant endeavor, with its focus on in-house research and development shaping its approach in this domain. The company’s efforts reflect the broader industry trend towards advanced ADAS systems and the race among automakers to integrate intelligent driving features into their vehicles.

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Source: LatePost news

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