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BYD YangWang new huge EV sedan spied in China. Mercedes EQS rival

The luxurious YangWang brand under BYD is working on a new electric sedan that will rival other high-end EVs such as Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQS and BMW i7. It is equipped with three LiDAR sensors and has a total of three screens inside. As for the powertrain, it can be represented by four electric motors with a combined power output of 1,180 hp. Let’s get to know the mysterious YangWang sedan better.

First, we will remind you that YangWang is a luxurious brand under BYD that was launched in January 2023. Its model line currently consists of two models. The first one is the huge YangWang U8 off-road EREV (range extended) SUV that hit pre-sales at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show with a starting price of 1,096,000 yuan (160,000 USD). As for the second vehicle, it is an electric supercar called U9. It has yet to hit the market, but its approximate price tag reaches 150,000 USD. These vehicles both have an insane powertrain with four electric motors for 1,180 hp. Soon, a one more model will accompany them. And it is a mysterious YangWang sedan.

YangWang sedan spy shots

As we can see in spy shots, the YangWang sedan is located in one of BYD’s service zones. In the background, we can notice the Chaser 07 PHEV sedan that debuted at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. Back to the YangWang sedan, it looks like a full-size sedan with a body length of over 5 meters. It has a continuous sloped bonnet line, slanted rear pillars and a LiDAR sensor on top of the roof and two more LiDARs on each front fender. We can see that this sedan has a unique wheel design with five spokes and the YangWang logo in the middle. Its doors are frameless with retractable handles.

Inside, we can see that the YangWang sedan adopts the same screen layout as the YangWang U8 SUV. It has an LCD instrument panel with a diameter of 12.8 inches. As for the main screen, it has a trapeze shape and a diameter if 23.6 inches. So it is a really large monitor. The front passenger also got his own independent 12.8-inch screen. As we can see now, the interior of the YangWang sedan is highly unfinished. It means that this vehicle is on early testing stages.

We can assume that this sedan stands on the BYD’s E4 platform. It means that it supports the DiSus suspension system that allows it to control each wheel independently. Moreover, it can effectively adjust the vehicle’s suspension in real time. This tech enhances the driving comfort and even lets a vehicle to drive without one wheel. As mentioned, this sedan can adopt it from the U8 and the U9. It means it will get over 1,000 horses. Speaking of the price tag of the YangWang sedan, it will start from approximately 800,000 yuan (112,000 USD).

Editor’s comment

HiPhi Z

The YangWang sedan is the product that will take part in a tough competition in the field of high-end luxury electric sedans. There are quite a lot of strong competitors, including the EQS, i7, HiPhi Z and other impressive vehicles. However, BYD has enough resources to create a competitive product. More on the YangWang sedan as we get it.

Source: Weibo

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