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Changan Hunter – the world’s first EREV pickup truck launched

Today Changan officially launched its Hunter pickup truck. First shown at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show Changan claim that this is the first extended range EV (EREV) pickup truck in the world. There are 8 versions to choose from with prices starting from 139,900 yuan (19,450 USD) and going up to 216,900 yuan (31,150 USD). Models are as follows:

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Warrior Edition Deluxe single-motor standard box 139,900 yuan (19,450 USD)
Warrior Edition Deluxe dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box 149,900 yuan (20,850 USD)
Knight Edition Pilot Type single-motor standard box 163,900 (22,750 USD)
Knight Edition Pilot Type dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box 173,900 (24,200 USD)
Knight Edition Flagship dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box 193,900 (26,950 USD)
Armor Edition single-motor standard box 179,900 (25,000 USD)
Armor Edition dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box 196,900 (27,350 USD)
Armor Edition Global Type dual-motor four-wheel drive standard box 216,900 (30,150 USD)

Single motor versions use a 130 kW unit on the rear axle and the four wheel drive versions add a 70 kW electric motor to the front. All use the same 31.18 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack. This is enough for a 180 km CLTC pure electric range and a combined range of 1,031 km – range as quoted is strangely the same for RWD and AWD.

As a range extender the Hunter uses the JL486ZQ6 engine, a 2.0T unit it can deliver a maximum of 140 kW power. However being a series hybrid the engine only ever acts as an electricity generator.

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The pickup is a fairly standard looking dual-cab vehicle with no major distinguishing details. Thick cladding surrounding the lower part of the truck protect it from getting scratched. Meanwhile the load bed is covered with anti-scratch and corrosion resistant materials. There is also a standard electrical discharge unit in the bed to power things using the truck, providing up to 3.3 kW. Load capacity of the truck however is a very low 495 kg.

It is available in both standard and extended length variants with extended versions costing 1,000 yuan (150 USD) more. The standard version has length / width / height of 5380×1930×1885 mm, and the wheelbase is 3180 mm. With the longer version all the extra space goes to the cargo bed and the pickup is overall 5630×1930×1885 mm, with the wheelbase now being 3430 mm.

This means that the standard version has a bed of 1600×1595×500 mm, while in the longer version it is 1850×1595×500 mm. Usefully the tailgate incorporates a drop down step which is 530 mm off the ground, the bay itself is 830 mm off the ground. The sides of the passenger compartment have running boards. A manual roller shutter is also available for the cargo bay.

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Angle of approach is up to 29° while angle of departure is up to 27°. Fairly high ground clearance should mean the rugged looks are matched by actual off-road ability.

Inside the truck is quite modern with a car like blended dual screen unit with a 7.5-inch instrument cluster and 12-inch infotainment unit. Features according to model include cruise control, AutoNavi map navigation, turn assist lights, automatic wipers, voice control, OTA upgrade of the car machine, leather steering wheel, LCD instrument, 40W wireless phone charging, leather seats, seat heating, 4/6 speakers, air conditioning rear air vents, etc.

Editor’s note:

There are not many NEVs in the commercial vehicle space particularly when it comes to pickup trucks. The Changan Hunter will obviously be an attractive choice but the poor payload will likely adversely affect its appeal for serious use.

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