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Changan Qiyuan A05 is a cost-effective plug-in hybrid EV

On October 20th, the Changan Qiyuan A05, positioned as a compact sedan, was officially launched, with a total of six configuration models available, priced between 89,900 and 132,900 yuan(~US$12,287 – US$18,164).

Changan Qiyuan is a new brand established under Changan Auto this year. Changan Automobile has launched multiple new brands in recent years, such as Deepal, Avatr. Now there is another Qiyuan. From the current information, the models launched under Qiyuan still focus on cost-effectiveness.

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From an appearance perspective, Qiyuan A05 has a simple overall design, with a multi line front face design that outlines a strong sense of three-dimensional design. The entire vehicle adopts a closed air intake grille design, with a central ventilation opening and a through ventilation opening design for the lower surround, making the overall design very simple.

The side lines are very smooth, and the design of the through waistline further enhances the visual length of the vehicle. The double waistline, combined with the concave marks on the bottom of the car door, brings a good sense of light and shadow to the body. In addition, the hidden door handles and newly designed wheels make this car look very sporty. In terms of body size, the new car is positioned as a compact sedan with a length, width, and height of 4785/1840/1460mm, and a wheelbase of 2765mm.

In terms of the tail, the overall use of rich lines, combined with a narrow and smoked tail light group, gives it a good sense of visual hierarchy. At the same time, the car adopts a hidden exhaust layout, giving the rear bumper a stronger overall feel.

In terms of interior design, the car adopts a brand new style, with a narrow strip full LCD instrument panel, a vertical large suspended central control screen, and a dual spoke multi-functional steering wheel, making the car look very technological. At the same time, the yacht like electronic gear lever is paired with a relatively straight center console line to enhance the vehicle’s high-end feel.

In terms of power, the new car will use plug-in hybrid power, with a 1.5L engine with a maximum power of 81kW. The driving motor will provide two types of low and high power, with a maximum power of 140kW and 158kW, respectively. It will also provide two types of batteries: lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary batteries.

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