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Chery iCar 03 exposed by the Chinese regulator with 184 hp and CATL battery

The Chery iCar 03 small SUV was exposed by the Chinese Government. As a result, now, we can get to its detailed specs. It has appeared that the iCar 03 will get a CATL LFP-attery and a 184-hp electric motor. Its mas production was already launched in China. It means that the iCar 03 will soon hit the domestic market. Its starting price will be about of 150,000 yuan (21,000 USD). Let’ get to the details about the iCar 03.

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Before we get started, we will remind you of some facts about the iCar. It is a NEV (New Energy Vehicle) brand that was launched by Chery earlier this year. It is aimed at young buyers. As for its model line, it will comprise seven cars, including SUVs, sedans and even MPVs. As for the first iCar model, it is the iCar 03 small “all-road” SUV. Here, we have to mention that lots of Chinese car brands use the term “all-road” which means the car that is capable of driving on poor roads.

Chery iCar 03 specs

Now, let’s get to the Chery iCar 03. In terms of exterior design, it is a blocky SUV with huge bumpers made of gray plastic, a flat windshield, a high bonnet line and running lights that form “i” letter. This kind of brawny style is getting extremely popular in China with quite a lot of “all-road” models launched, including Baojun Yep and various Haval cars.

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Speaking about the dimensions of the Chery iCar 03, they are 4406/1910/1715 mm with a wheelbase of 2715 mm. For clarity, the iCar 03 is 226 mm longer than the Hyundai Kona. Its approach and departure angles are 26/19 degrees, respectively. It is a decent number for such an SUV. Inside, the iCar got five seats. The curb weight of the iCar 03 reaches 1775/1800 kilos. It differs because of the wheel size (225/60 R18 or 225/55 R19).

Speaking about the powertrain of the iCar 03, it is equipped with an LFP battery from CATL. Its capacity is yet to be revealed. However, previously, Chery reported that this electric SUV will have up to 500 km of range. So, at leat, we know the estimated range of the iCar 03. As for the electric motors, there is a single option at the moment: a single e-motor for 135 kW (184 hp) that sits on the front axle. It is manufactured by Qida, a company under Chery Group. The iCar 03’s top speed reaches 150 km. In the future, Chery will also launch the 4WD version.

Editor’s comment

The Chery iCar 03 is a nice vehicle that is able to attract a lot of young buyer because of its reasonable powertrain and hip exterior design. On the other hand, the Chinese market is really competitive at the moment, so Chery will probably need to cut the iCar 03 price immediately after the launch with some discounts to keep the demand on a high level.

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Source: MIIT

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