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Chinese Maserati: Mattu from Leopaard Motors, front face of Leavante + BMW Power + Benz Interior

Chinese Maserati? Mattu from Leopaard Motors

Some time ago, we witnessed the official launch of Mattu from a Chinese car maker LEOPAARD MOTORS. At first glance, the big “mouth” grille is particularly exaggerated and individual, it’s really a Maserati if you are hanging a “fish fork” logo well! But it is total Chinese car.

A large area of air intake with a vertical chrome trim strip, the front headlights connected to it, it’s much like Maserati Leavante! The tail shape is round, the visual effect is good. It is worth mentioning that it is a rare case for a Chinese brand that it’s featured “through-type” taillights. It is different from other brands and shows the luxury way.

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Let’s get to the interior, to be honest, I will definitely believe that I am sitting in a Mercedes-Benz if I hide the steering wheel! Integrated LCD instrument + central control large screen design, this is total an original Mercedes-Benz, even the outlets of air conditioner under the central control are exactly the same, it’s really embarrassing.

The engine on Mattu should be the highlight. The 1.6TGDI turbocharged in-line direct-injection four-cylinder engine CE16 equipped by MATTU is authorized by the BMW Group, it has powerful power to give driver a better sense of control. The engine has a peak torque of 280 Nm and a maximum power of 147 kW. On the drive system, the user can choose 6-speed wet dual-clutch or 6-speed manual transmission, with a total fuel consumption of 7.7L per 100 kilometers.

Mattu is positioned as a compact SUV, but its size reaches 4696mm × 1906mm × 1709mm, wheelbase 2700mm, larger than the same level vehicle. The price of Mattu is between RMB116,800 to 158,800.

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