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Deepal SL03i and S7i, backed by CATL and Huawei, will offer advanced driving assistance features

On October 24, Deepal released its new high-end advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) in China. The SL03i sedan and S7i SUV equipped with the new ADAS will launch on October 27. It is worth mentioning that the standard versions of the S7 and SL03 cannot be upgraded with this high-end ADAS through OTA updates.

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Compared with the current SL03 (EV version) and S7 (EV and EREV versions), the SL03i and S7i will have the following four upgrades:

  1. The performance of basic assisted driving is stronger with the addition of commanded lane change.
  2. The NID3.0 ADAS is added.
  3. The parking assist capability has been upgraded with memory parking assist.
  4. Detection and collision avoidance of pedestrian and vehicle crossing laterally in front of the vehicle.

The NID3.0 supports both highways and urban driving settings utilizing high-definition maps, with functionalities including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, lane departure assist, speed limit assist, lane change assist upon activation of the turn signal by the driver, and on-ramp/off-ramp assist. In addition, the other safety features include front cross traffic alert (FCTA) and forward crossing traffic brake (FCTB).

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Furthermore, the APA7.0 valet autonomous parking system can realize memory parking assistance by remembering the route the human has parked once. When the human drives the vehicle to the previously parked area, the memory parking assistance function can be activated to park the vehicle in the memorized designated parking space autonomously such as within a multi-floor parking garage. There are also simultaneous upgrades in in-car parking assist, remote parking assist, and remote control such as the car moving autonomously to the next parking space when the parking allowance time is up.

At the release event, the SL03i and S7i were present. From the photos, the new cars’ appearances and interiors remain largely unchanged compared to the current models on sale. At the same time, new sensors have been added to support the high-end ADAS.

The current Deepal SL03 is available in EV, EREV, and FCEV (hydrogen) variants. The all-electric Deepal SL03 has either a 190 kW or 160 kW single rear axle electric motor. Two ternary lithium battery pack options are available in 58 kWh and 70 kWh, giving it a CLTC range of 515 km to 705 km. The EREV versions are powered by a 70 kW 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and a rear-mounted electric motor. The 18.99 kWh and 28.39 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery packs provide a CLTC pure electric cruising range of 135 km and 200 km, respectively. The hydrogen version has the same motor and the battery.

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The current Deepal S7 EV versions are powered by a 160 kW or 190 kW rear-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor. The CLTC cruising ranges are 520 km and 620 km. The EREV versions have a 1.5L hybrid engine and a 175 kW rear-mounted electric motor. The pure electric cruising ranges are 121 km and 200 km while the comprehensive ranges with a full tank and full charge are 1,040 km and 1,120 km.

Deepal is a joint venture among CATL, Huawei, and Changan.

Source: Weibo, AutoHome

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