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FAW Bestune Xiaoma is a new convertible mini EV for China

This is the FAW Bestune Xiaoma (小马) at the Shanghai Auto Show. The car is positioned as a 4-seater mini EV that is similar to the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV. A convertible 2-seater version will also be available. The power info has not been announced yet at this time.

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Overall, Bestune Xiaoma has a square box shape, which is a pretty common design for mini EVs. It adopts a two-color body and a suspended roof design, further enhancing its cute view. The closed front face comes with round & quadrangular headlights with white decorations in the lower part.

Because it is a soft-top convertible model, its two-color A-pillar and rear roll cage are particularly thick. Additionally, the wheel eyebrows protrude outwards and the wheels run on low-resistance rims. Although its size has not been exposed, it should be pretty close to models such as Wuling Hongguang MINI EV and Geely Panda.

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The overall design of the rear echoes that of the front face with round taillights and white decorations.

The interior adopts a white and three shades of green color scheme, which gives it a retro vibe. It comes standard with a double-spoke multifunctional steering wheel and an instrument panel. There are some control knobs on the dashboard.

We’ll watch closely for more info, stay tuned!

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Source: PCAuto, AutoHome

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