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Geely Galaxy E8 with 475 kW started pre-sales in China at 26,350 USD

The Geely Galaxy E8 is an electric sedan the size of the Audi A6 with the lowest drag coefficient among current mass-produced cars. It has up to 475 kW and a range of 665 km. The E8 will be the second car to adopt the Zeekr’s Golden Brick battery. Inside, the E8 has an enormous 45-inch 8K screen powered by a Snapdragon 8295 chip. It opened pre-sales in China, revealing a starting price of 188,000 yuan (26,350 USD). Deliveries of the Galaxy E8 are scheduled for January 2024.

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Galaxy was launched as a new energy series under the Geely brand in early 2023. However, it is now positioned as an independent brand with its logo, website, dealerships, and a vast model line that will comprise seven cars by 2025. The brand’s name is “Geely Galaxy”. Later, it can eliminate the “Geely” part in its name. The E8 is the third model under the new brand. It is positioned as the flagship electric vehicle. But its entry-level trim has a meager price tag.

Briefly on Geely Galaxy E8

The Geely Galaxy E8 stands on the SEA architecture that underpins every Zeekr car, Volvo EX30, Polestar 4, etc. Its exterior design follows the Geely Galaxy Light concept car unveiled earlier. Its front end has thin LED running lights made of 158 elements and a sporty bumper. The E8 has retractable door handles, small side-view mirrors, and aerodynamic rims. It has two thin taillight units from the back with a Geely inscription between them.

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The E8 is a big sedan with dimensions of 5010/1920/1465 mm and a wheelbase of 2925 mm. According to Geely, this car has the lowest drag coefficient among all mass-produced passenger cars. It reaches 0.199 Cd. For clarity, the Mercedes-EQ EQS has a drag coefficient of 0.200 Cd. The Geely Galaxy E8 has a McPherson suspension system in the front axle and an independent suspension in the rear. It rides on optional 235/50 R18 or 245/45 R19 wheels.

Inside, the Geely Galaxy E8 has a large 45-inch screen on the center console. The Snapdragon 8295 chip from Qualcomm powers it. The steering wheel of the E8 has two spokes and a flat bottom. And the gear selector sits behind the wheel. The center tunnel of the Galaxy E8 has wireless charging pads, a block of physical buttons, and a hidden compartment. Other features of the E8 are AR-HUD and 12 Infinity speakers. The trunk of the Geely Galaxy E8 has a capacity of 420 L. It isn’t an exceptional number, but the E8 can also offer a frunk for 53 L.

Geely Galaxy E8 powertrain and pre-sales

The entry-level Geely Galaxy E8 has a 200-kW electric motor in the rear axle powered by a 62-kWh LFP battery pack. It stands on the 400V system and has a range of 550 km (CLTC). The second version of the E8 has the same e-motor and an LFP battery for 76 kWh. It is a Golden Brick battery developed by Zeekr. This pack can operate at a wide temperature range, offering 83.7% volume utilization. It can charge up to 500 km of range in 15 minutes.

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The top-trim level Geely Galaxy E8 has two electric motors on board with a combined power output of 475 kW. It is powered by the same LFP Golden Brick pack, good for 620 km of range. Its powertrain is similar to the Zeekr 007. The E8 can speed up to 100 km/h in 3.49 seconds. According to Geely, it also finished the Moose test at 82 km/h.

The Geely Galaxy E8 is available for pre-sales with a starting price of 188,000 yuan (26,350 USD). Customers can book the E8 for 1,000 yuan (140 USD) and enjoy the 6,000 yuan (840 USD) discount when the E8 starts deliveries. In the domestic market, the Geely Galaxy E8 will become the cheaper variant of the Zeekr 007. It will compete with other NEV sedans like Neta S, BYD Han, BYD Seal, Rising F7, etc. We will keep an eye on this vehicle, so stay tuned!

Source: Geely Galaxy, Weibo

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