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GM’s Baojun Yep Plus revealed with five doors and 401km range

The Baojun Yep Plus five-door SUV from the SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) joint venture was revealed in China. It will launch in Q1 this year with a 75-kW electric motor, a 150 km/h top speed, and a CLTC range of 401 km. Let’s get to know this model better.

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Baojun is a young brand under SGWM joint venture formed by Chinese SAIC, Wuling, and American General Motors. It focuses on manufacturing electric cars for big cities.

The three-door Baojun Yep

Last year, Baojun launched the Yep city car, which looks like a bulky off-road SUV. It has three doors, a body length of 3381 mm, an e-motor for 50 kW, and a 28.1-kWh LFP battery for a 303 km range. In 2023, the Baojun Yep’s cumulative sales reached 14,683 units. It isn’t an imposing number, considering its low starting price of 83,800 yuan (11,785 USD).

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Baojun Yep Plus official images

The Baojun Yep Plus follows the design language of the three-door version. It has blackened pillars, a white roof, short overhangs, five-spoke gray rims, and blocky headlights. From the back, the Baojun Yep has a swing-out trunk door. The main feature of the Yep Plus is five doors. As a result, its wheelbase was elongated to 2560 mm from 2110 mm. The exact dimensions of the Baojun Yep Plus reach 3996/1760/1726 mm.

The Boajun Yep Plus was displayed in the official images without the screen on the car’s rear, which is available for a three-door model. Maybe the five-door version will get this variant later.

The Baojun Yep Plus will have a single electric motor in the rear axle for 75 kW (101 hp). Its battery capacity is unknown. However, Baojun mentioned that the CLTC range of the Yep Plus will reach 401 km. The top speed of this SUV will reach 150 km/h.

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The Baojun Yep Plus will hit the Chinese market in Q1 2024. Its price tag has yet to be revealed. However, we think its price will be around 150,000 yuan (21,100 USD).

Source: Baojun

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