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GWM, Liangdao & Ibeo Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on L3/L4 Automatic Driving Mass Production R&D

Great Wall Motors (GWM), Liangdao Intelligence, Ibeo signed a strategic cooperation agreement for L3/L4 automatic driving mass production R&D. GWM will use the new generation 4D solid state laser radar ibeoNEXT as the core component of the automatic driving sensor system. Liangdao Intelligence will be responsible for ibeoNEXT and the verification of the environment-aware system in GWM’s mass production project. This is the world’s first pure solid-state laser radar mass production cooperation project, it is also the world’s first solid-state laser radar mass production cooperation.

Ibeo will serve as a laser radar supplier, Liangdao Intelligence will serve as the new leading edge sensor automation verification service provider, jointly providing products and services for GWM’s L3/L4 autopilot production project. Hu Shujie, deputy general manager of GWM, Zhang Kai, deputy chief engineer of GWM Automotive Technology, Dr. Ulrich Lages, CEO of Ibeo Global, Ju Xueming, Intelligent Director of Liangdao Intelligence, and the head of business of Liangdao Intelligence European Research Center participated in the strategic cooperation signing ceremony.


Considering functional safety, Lidar will be the core sensing module for L3 and above auto automatic driving system. Since the responsibility is transferred from the driver to the system, the perception system is designed with safety in mind, the sensing modules that are comparable or even more visually aware are redundant, the laser radar has the ability to accurately measure and is the most suitable sensor.

About Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motors is a world-renowned manufacturer of SUVs and pickup trucks. It was listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003 and 2011 respectively. By the end of 2018, the total assets reached 111.8 billion yuan. It owns four brands: Haval, WEY, Ora and Great Wall Pickup. The products cover SUV, sedan and pickup. It has the independent supporting capacity of core components such as engine and transmission. It has more than 70 subsidiaries and nearly 80,000 employees. On July 10, 2018, GWM and BMW (Netherlands) Holding Company formally signed a joint venture contract to establish Spotlight Automotive.

About Liangdao Intelligence

Liangdao Intelligence is a new type of intelligent driving assessment service provider, dedicated to promoting the production of advanced automatic driving (L3-L5). The technical path is mainly based on laser radar and multi-sensor fusion.

The company specializes in the self-driving car mass production development environment-aware system test to verify the urgent needs of this industry, and the emerging areas with high technical requirements, complete the breakthrough from 0 to 1, can provide customers with data acquisition platform to build, test and verify the cloud platform construction, automated truth value creation, automated test and verification tool chain development, and autonomous driving big data mining and analysis and other products and services.

Liangdao Intelligence is a global company headquartered in Beijing China, with R&D centers in Berlin and Munich, a business center in Shanghai and an engineering technology center in Gu’an China.

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