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IM L6 with semi-solid-state battery enters market, price starts at 30,400 USD

On May 13, IM Motors’ new IM L6 pure electric vehicle officially launched in China with a total of five versions:

Versions Range (CLTC) Price
L6 Max Standard 650 km 219,900 yuan / 30,400 USD
L6 Max Long Range 710 km 259,900 yuan / 36,000 USD
L6 Max Ultra-Long Range 850 km 275,900 yuan / 38,100 USD
L6 Max Super Performance 780 km 305,900 yuan /42,300 USD
*L6 Max Lightyear 1,000 km 345,900 yuan /47,800 USD
*Equipped with semi-solid-state battery pack

The L6 Max Lightyear version will be available for order in September and delivery will start in October. So far, IM Motors announced the IM L6 pre-order volume has exceeded 29,000 units.

The IM L6 is 4931 mm long, 1960 mm wide, 1474 mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2950 mm. It is available in seven colors: Rembrandt Grey, Ferdinand Pink, Sisley Yellow, Ares Black, Athena White, and Raphael Tea, as well as the limited color Nevis Blue.

The powertrain specifications are detailed below:

  • L6 Max Standard: 75 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery / 400V / RWD / 216 kW & 450 Nm electric motor output / 200 km/h top speed
  • L6 Max Long-Range: 83 kWh ternary lithium battery / 800V / RWD / 248 kW & 500 Nm electric motor output / 220 km/h top speed
  • L6 Max Ultra-Long Range: 100 kWh ternary lithium battery / 900V / RWD / 300 kW & 500 Nm electric motor output / 222 km/h top speed
  • L6 Max Super Performance: 100 kWh ternary lithium battery / 900V / AWD / 579 kW & 800 Nm combined electric motor outputs / 268 km/h top speed
  • L6 Max Lightyear: 133 kWh semi-solid-state battery / 900V / AWD / 268 km/h top speed / 12 minutes of charging can replenish 400 km of battery life

It is worth mentioning that IM Motors’ self-developed “hurricane motor” has a maximum speed of 21,000 rpm and the fastest 0 – 100 km/h acceleration time is 2.74 seconds.

The other notable feature is the ISC smart light language system, which supports smart driving and parking, and can display words such as “Auto Driving” or “Auto Parking” according to different scenarios.

The cockpit is equipped with a 26.3-inch triple screen, a vertical 10.5-inch control screen, and either a half-moon or standard steering wheel. The entire series also comes standard with ultra-long-range lidar, NVIDIA Orin X chip, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip.

IM Motors also claimed that the IM L6 can crab walk and the minimum turning radius is 4.99 m, realized via the first-generation VMC (Vehicle Motion Control) technology.

Furthermore, the POPO SOFA cloud seats are used. They have a 20 mm sponge layer. The rear raw spans 1342 mm wide and supports 6-speed backrest adjustment.

Source: IM, Sohu, DongCheDi

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