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Li Auto delivered its 600,000th new car

Li Auto celebrated its achievement on December 14 by completing the delivery of its 600,000th vehicle. The milestone was marked at the Shunyi Delivery Center in Beijing, where Li Auto handed over the keys to the owner of the Li Auto L9, a six-seat family SUV.

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Remarkably, Li Auto accomplished this feat in just 48 months. The 600,000th delivery announcement came on the heels of Li Auto’s November sales figures. This accomplishment sets the stage for Li Auto to take on the ambitious target of 50,000 vehicle sales in December.

In November alone, Li Auto delivered 41,030 new cars, showcasing a remarkable year-on-year increase of 172.9%. The breakdown included 12,200 Li L9, 12,700 Li L8, and 16,900 Li L7. As of November 30, 2023, Li Auto had delivered a total of 325,677 vehicles throughout the year, indicating a substantial year-on-year increase of 190.4%.

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Li Auto’s current lineup comprises three SUV models in the L series – the L7, L8, and L9. These vehicles feature a family-friendly design language with similar overall designs. To simplify, the L7 and L8 have comparable configurations, with the L7 being a five-seat SUV and the L8 a six-seat SUV. The L9, an enlarged version of the L8 with additional configurations, has a starting price of 429,800 yuan (60,400 USD), while the L7 and L8 start at 319,800 yuan (44,900 USD) and 339,800 yuan (47,700 USD), respectively.

By November of this year, the cumulative delivery volume of Li Auto’s three models – Li L9, Li L8, and Li L7 – surpassed 100,000 units, reflecting the brand’s growing market presence and consumer appeal.

Looking ahead, Li Auto has plans to introduce its flagship pure electric MPV Mega shortly. Anticipation is building, mainly due to the unique appearance of this MPV, which has garnered considerable attention within China’s automotive circles. Mega’s unique appearance exemplifies the distinctive design of Li Auto’s upcoming MPV.

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Li Mega

Source: iTHome

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