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Li Auto L9 scores five stars in C-NCAP crash test

The Li Auto L9 full-size EREV (range-extender) SUV successfully passed the C-NCAP safety and crash test, scoring five stars. Moreover, its results were relatively high. As a result, the Li Auto L9 has become one of the safest vehicles that took part in the 2021-year-version C-NCAP crash test.

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We will remind you some facts about the Li Auto L9. As mentioned, it is a full-size SUV with dimensions of 5218/1998/1800 mm with a wheelbase of 3105 mm. It means the L9 is 56 mm longer, 2 mm narrower and 19 mm lower than the BMW X7. And these two SUVs have the same wheelbase. The Li Auto L9 is an EREV, so it has a 1.5-liter turbocharged ICE under the hood that powers the 44.5-kWh battery. As for the power output, the L9 got two electric motors with a combined power output of 449 hp and 620 Nm.

What is C-NCAP

Now, let’s talk a bit about the C-NCAP. It is a car safety and crash performance assessment program that was formed in 2006 under the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC). Initially, its tests were pretty soft, and a lot of vehicles with poor safety performance scored five stars. So the C-NCAP hasn’t got the trust of people. But, a lot has changes since 2006. Nowadays, the C-NCAP stays really close to the Euro NCAP assessment program. As we have seen previously, various cars scored the same in C-NCAP and Euro-NCAP, including the Nio ET7 electric sedan.

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In the C-NCAP tests, the vehicle’s safety is evaluated on a scale from 0 to 100%. And then those percentages are converted into stars to make a result more understandable. The C-NCAP includes tests for vehicle occupants, vulnerable road users, and safety assistance functions.

Li Auto L9 crash tests results

First, we will mention that the Li Auto L9 has the only one trim level that is called “Max”. It costs 459,800 RMB (66,700 USD) in China. The tested Li Auto L9 was bought anonymously at a random dealer with the agency’s money on March 27.

First of all, the Li Auto L9 has scored a total rating of five stars in the C-NCAP with the exact performance of 91.3% which is 14.2% higher than the average performance of other vehicles. In the vehicle occupants’ segment, the L9 has scored 93.37%. The side column crash was the strongest point of this SUV with 16 points out of 16. As for the frontal full width collision test and the colliding with a mobile deformable barrier, the L9 scored 22.8/24 and 20.9/24 respectively.

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The pedestrian safety appeared to be the weakest point of the Li Auto L9. Still, it has managed to score 75.87% here. Here, it has got maximal points for the pedestrian’s legs safety. But it got only 6.3/10 points for the head safety. However, its performance is still 5.3% higher than average. In the safety assistance functions, the Li Auto L9 got 95.55%. Its AEB system’s performance is 37 points out of 38.

All in all, the Li Auto L9’s safety performance is great. As a result, it has easily achieved five stars, becoming one of the safest Chinese vehicles. More on the Li Auto L9 as we get it.

Source: CATARC, Autohome

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