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Mazda EZ-6 unveiled at 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Today the Changan Mazda EZ-6 debuted at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. If you’re wondering why we are saying Changan Mazda, well the car is heavily based on the Deepal SL03 from Changan and currently it is not clear whether the car will sell outside China. The Mazda EZ-6 is believed to be a replacement for the Mazda 6 and will come in both pure electric and range extended versions and will likely launch later this year.

Although the base car Deepal SL03 is clearly visible in the look of the new car, it is not simply a case of badge engineering. At the front the EZ-6 gains a Mazda looking grille and has a general Mazda family face.

Frameless doors and hidden door handles are inherited from the Deepal SL03 but the Mazda EZ-6 does manage to carve out some individuality for itself at the side even if it does seem to share the same crease lines. First of all it has a much smoother window line without the kink that the SL03 has. This means that the window between the C and D pillars is larger. Equally the Mazda appears more graceful than the quite sharp Deepal. At the rear the sharp angle of the Deepal is ironed out leading to a much smoother look. Also gone is the kink on the tailgate and the general finish of the panoramic roof meeting the tailgate seems far better executed.

While the basic setup of 14.6-inch floating center screen, an LCD instrument panel along with flat bottomed steering wheel remain the interior seems at least in the artwork more refined. A charcoal and tan color scheme adds a touch of class.

Mazda EZ-6 interior artwork and shots from the show

Inside there’s a wireless mobile phone charging pad, two cup holders, a Sony sound system, and a zero-gravity seat for the front passenger. Functions seems almost exclusively controlled through the screen or voice command. Powering the cockpit is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip.

So far there is no news on the powertrain. However, the Mazda EZ-6 will likely have a setup comparable to the Deepal SL03. For the range extended version that means a 1.5 liter engine as the extender and rear mounted electric motor with maximum power of 175 kW and with 320 Nm torque. A Mazda version might use a Mazda engine to act as the range extender. All electric versions of the Deepal SL03 come with either a 160 or 190 kW motor on the rear axle. It is possible that the Mazda will have more powerful motors or even introduce a dual motor version to go with Mazda’s sportier image.

Source: Fast Technology

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