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More Neta L SUV Spy Shots

Spy shot and more details of the Neta L have emerged from the Neta Strategic Partner Conference held last month.

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A brand from Hozon Auto founded in 2014 sales launched in 2019 and currently the brand has four models on the market. These consist of two relatively small crossover SUV type cars which were the first models and could be seen as the company’s first generation vehicles: Neta X (previously known as Neta U) and Neta Aya (previously Neta V). Then there are the two newer and larger cars the Neta S sports sedan which launched in 2022 and the related Neta GT coupe which followed in 2023. The Neta S comes in both all-electric and range extended versions (EREV) while all other models are BEV only.

Sized to compete with cars such as the Tesla Model Y and BYD Song Plus (Seal U) the Neta L will come in all-electric and EREV versions. With the car being on display at the strategic partner event last month the launch is likely imminent.

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Dimensions of the Neta L SUV are 4770/1900/1660 mm with a wheelbase of 2810 mm. A five seater it will be available with 18 and 19 inch wheels.

The spy shots show a lot more details of the interior which Neta refers to as “A Comfortable Living Space” the company going on to define this as “combining advanced technology with a comfortable and spacious interior design, premium entertainment, and an impressive driving experience.”

Notable features include the dual screens providing entertainment to occupants. There’s also sofa like seating and it seems that the backs of the front seat have airline style drop down trays for the rear passengers. There is also a built in fridge in the center console between the front two seats.

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Both the EV and EREV versions are powered by a 170 kW motor most likely on the rear axle. The EREV gains a 67 kW 1.5 liter engine supplied by Dongfeng to act as a generator. Currently the car has only been announced with lithium iron phosphate batteries supplied by Great Wall Motor subsidiary SVOLT. Car News China expects prices to be around 150,000 – 250,000 yuan (21,000 – 35,000 USD).

Both the S and GT models upped Neta’s game and it seems that the Neta L will further the brands move from the very basic nature of the original two models when launched. Neta sold 127,496 cars in 2023. The L is the first SUV on Neta’s Shanhai 1.0 platform as used by the GT and S.

While little known outside China, the brand is quite fast growing. Next year will see the launch of the first model on the new Shanhai 2.0 platform. And in December production started at Neta’s Thailand factory with the brand currently selling to various Southeast Asian markets as well as China. Neta is certainly a brand to watch and may be the target of a Stellantis like grab of Leap.

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