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Neta EP32 SUV spotted in China with BYD’s battery and 500 km of range

The Neta EP32 all-electric SUV was spied in China during road tests. This vehicle will become a competitor to the Xpeng G9 as Neta continues to broaden its high-end model line. The EP32 has a FinDream’s LFP battery for 500 km of range, a 231-hp electric motor and three screens inside. Let’s get to know it better.

The introduction of the Neta EP32

The Neta EP32 is a mid-size crossover that stands on the Shanhai (don’t confuse with Shanghai, the name of the city) architecture that also underpins Neta S sedan and Neta GT two-door roadster. The first information about this vehicle leaked online at the beginning of this summer. And now its spy shots leaked online. As we can see, the Neta EP32 is on early testing stages. It has got test headlights, taillights. Moreover, it is covered with thick camouflage. However, we can still distinguish its design features.

As we can see in photos, the Neta EP32 adopts a new design language with relatively big oval headlights. Its front bumper has a trapeze-shaped air intake that looks quite aggressive. As for the bonnet line, it is slightly sloped. The EP32 has also got retractable door handles, and a slanted D-pillar. As a result, it has a body shape that stays close to the fastback SUV. The EP32 also has a sporty roof spoiler. Another feature of its exterior design is the 225/60 R18 wheels with five-spoke rims.

Inside, the Neta EP32 adopts a totally new design language. It has a thin instrument panel that sits behind the sporty steering wheel with a flat bottom. But the main feature of the EP32’s interior is a large twin screen that comprises the main monitor and an independent screen for the front passenger. As a result, the EP32 slightly reminds the Li Auto latest vehicles. The center tunnel of the Neta’s new SUV has a hidden compartment, two cup holders and a wireless phone charging pad. As for the gear selector, it sits right behind the steering wheel. Here, we should underline that the interior of the Neta EP32 is also quite unfinished.

Neta EP32’s specs

Thanks to the leaked test blank of the EP32, we know some of its specs. First of all, the Neta EP32 uses the FinDreams’ LFP battery for 72.08 kWh. We will remind you that FinDreams (also known as Fudi) is the BYD’s subsidiary. Here, we should mention that BYD Auto and Neta are rivals not only in the Chinese market but also in Thailand. And now, the Neta’s car will use batteries from BYD. Here, we will also mention that Neta’s other battery suppliers are Guangxi Ningfu, SVOLT, CATL and other companies.

Shanhai platform

Back to the Neta EP32, thanks to the BYD’s battery, it can run up to 500 km on a single charge. The test car is powered by a 170-kW (231 hp) electric motor. It seems that it is the entry-level Neta EP32. It is highly possible that this SUV will have trims with bigger batteries and more powerful e-motors. According to Chinese sources, the wheelbase of the EP32 is about 2.98 meters. As for the width, it reaches 1.98 meters. So, in terms of size, this vehicle stays close to the Xpeng G9. Moreover, the Neta EP32 can have an EREV version in the future, similar to the Neta S sedan.

Judging by a current state of the Neta EP32, it is quite far from the market launch. Maybe, it will launch some time in 2024. We aren’t sure about its price tag. On the other hand, the interior of the EP32 looks quite high end. So, its starting price can be about of 200,000 – 250,000 yuan (27,640 – 34,550 USD).

Source: Weibo, Sohu

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