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New design language. Lotus Envya Type 133 was spied in China

The Lotus Envya sedan, codenamed Type 133, is one of the long awaited vehicles in the market. Now, it was spied in a relatively revealing camouflage. As we can notice, it adopts a new design language with bi-level running lights. So, it seems to be quite different from the Lotus Eletre SUV. Let’s get to know the Lotus Envya better.

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Lotus Envya spy shots

The Envya is the first all electric mass production sedan from Lotus that will hit the market this year. We have previously covered this vehicle several times, as it was spied in China during road tests and low-temperature winter tests. Nowadays, it was spied once again in not so heavy camouflage. As a result, we have seen some details of its exterior design that were hidden before. Let’s get to them.

We will start from the front end of the Lotus Envya. As we can see, its front bumper looks pretty similar to the Eletre SUV that hit the Chinese market back in October 2022. It has the same air intake with an active grille and aerodynamic shape. We can also notice that the headlights of the Envya sit right in the front bumper, similar to the Eletre. So why did we stated that Envya adopts a new design language? Let’s take a look at the running lights. As we can see, the Envya actually has four of them since they are bi-leveled on each side. It is interesting that an upper set of headlight sits right on the hood.

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We can also see that the Lotus Envya still has physical side view mirrors. In fact, side view cameras instead of mirrors became legal in China in July 2023. And the first brand that started deliveries of the vehicles with cameras instead of mirrors was Lotus, with its Eletre SUV. It is highly likely that the Envya will also get side view cameras as an extra option. We can also underline that we can see a hidden LiDAR sensor on top of the Envya’s roof. And there are also LiDAR sensors on the fenders.

From the back, we can see that the Lotus Envya is still unfinished. All we can underline here is the Envya adopts a single taillight unit that crosses all the rear end. Moreover, the rear bumper of this sedan got air flows that reduces drag coefficient. And there is a sporty diffuser to make this car look more aggressive.

More facts about Lotus Envya

The Lotus Envya is a sedan that stands on the slightly modified Geely’s SEA platform called EPA (Electric Premium Architecture). It was reported that the Envya will adopt the Lotus Eletre’s powertrain. It means that the base model will be equipped with two electric motors for 596 hp and 710 Nm. As for the second one, it will have three e-motors for a total power output of 905 hp and 985 Nm of torque. Inside, the Lotus Envya has a large floating screen, a thin instrument panel, and two independent seats in the second row.

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The Lotus Envya will hit the market later this year, becoming the second mass-produced electric car from Lotus. Its price range has yet to be revealed. In China, it will rival the upcoming YangWang sedan that was also recently spied there. There is a chance that the Envya will make its debut at the Chengdu Auto Show in August. Fingers are crossed.

Source: Weibo

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