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Nio ET5 with range boost revealed in China

Further details of the Nio ET5 fitted with the 150 kWh battery were revealed today by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

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Until now the Nio ET5 and ET5 Touring (ET5T) came as standard with a 75 kWh battery with an option of a larger 100 kWh battery. Now the car will be available with the 150 kWh semi-solid state battery produced by WeLion. According to WeLion the battery has a cell density of 360 Wh/kg. MIIT information gives the weight of the battery as 575 kg which is just 20 kg heavier than the 100 kWh battery used by Nio.

At the end of 2023 a Nio ET7 equipped with the 150 kWh battery driven by Nio founder William Li and a co-driver achieved a 1,044 km (650 miles) range with 3% battery capacity remaining. The 14 hour drive was live-streamed. The battery has been a long time coming, first being announced at Nio Day 2020 – held in January 2021. Currently Nio are saying deliveries will commence in April 2024 but it should be noted that it has been promised a number of other times over the last few years.

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According to MIIT information the official CLTC range for the Nio ET5 using the new battery is 1055 km while in the wagon version the ET5T range is a bit less at 1010 km. Curb weight of the car when fitted with the new battery is 2214 kg for the sedan and 2254 kg for the wagon.

The 150 kWh battery is however very expensive reportedly costing as much as an ET5 and so for the foreseeable future it will only be available to rent. It will likely be used by people as a short term hire when needed for longer journeys.

The battery is compatible with all Nio cars produced to date thanks to the modular nature of the swappable battery packs.

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MIIT figures also list the CLTC ranges of other Nio models fitted with the 150 kWh battery. The lowest range is 900 km in the ES8. Both the ES6 and ES7 can do 930 km whereas the EC6 is slightly better at 935 km and the EC7 better still at 940 km. Nio sedans though take the range past the 1000 km barrier with even the large ET7 being supposedly good for 1050 km just 5 km less than the ET5.

MIIT figures also show ranges with a smaller 70 kWh battery as well as the standard 75 kWh unit and cost option 100 kWh one. The 70 kWh battery is a cheaper LFP (lithium iron phosphate) and should be available soon. Ranges with that battery are:

  • Nio EC7 70 kWh – 445 km
  • Nio ET7 70 kWh – 470 km
  • Nio EC6 70 kWh – 450 km
  • Nio ES6 70 kWh – 450 km
  • Nio ET5 70 kWh – 500 km
  • Nio ES8 70 kWh – 430 km
  • Nio ET5T 70 kWh – 475 km
  • Nio ES7 70 kWh – 440 km
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