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Renault City K-ZE Has a Sibling: Rebarged Dongfeng Fengshen EX1 Debut on 2019 Chengdu Auto Show

Dongfeng-Fengshen(Aeolus) EX1 officially unveiled on 2019 Chengdu Auto Show. Fengshen EX1 is actually a sibling of Renault City K-ZE, a pure EV with NEDC range of 168miles(271km), as same as Renault City K-ZE. In addition, the official also announced the pre-sale price range after subsidies for new cars, which is 70,000-80,000 yuan (~US$9813 – US$11,215).

Based on Renault City K-ZE, the Dongfeng Fengshen EX1 redesigned front face, the bright black closed front grille matched with regular headlight group, the black wheel eyebrows and the black trim on the lower part of the door also bring a strong cross-over style. In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width and height of 3732/1579/1515mm and wheelbase of 2,423mm. It differs from Renault City K-ZE by only 3mm in length due to the difference in frontal bar shape.

The interior of Dongfeng Fengshen EX1 is exactly the same as Renault City K-ZE, the overall design is simple and stylish. It can be seen that the center console features a contrast color design, and is equipped with a knob shifting mechanism, a central control large screen, and fabric + imitation leather stitching seat with matching color and texture. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a mechanical hand brake and manual air conditioning, it looks a bit old-fashioned.

In terms of power, the previous report showed that the Dongfeng Fengshen EX1 will be powered by electric motor with maximum power of 33kW (44 hp), and the NEDC’s comprehensive cruising range is 168miles(271km).

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