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Smart #1 2024 addition hits the market in China

On January 5th, Smart officially launched the 2024 versions of the #1 in China, introducing three configurations, the Pro, The Pro+, and the Premium, priced between 179,000 yuan (approximately 25,200 USD) and 225,900 yuan (approximately 35,300 USD), respectively. This annual update focuses on interior design details and offers a range of purchasing benefits available for a limited time through the Smart app in China.

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Positioned as a compact SUV, the #1 offers a choice between single and dual-motor variants. The single-motor version delivers a commendable maximum power of 202kW and a peak torque of 343 Nm, achieving an acceleration time of 6.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Opting for the dual-motor variant enhances performance, with a maximum power of 315kW, peak torque of 543 Nm, and an impressive acceleration time of 3.9 seconds for 0 to 100 km/h.

While the 2024 Pro edition retains much of the configuration from its 2023 predecessor, it introduces the exclusive “Close Friend Affection” package as an optional upgrade. This package includes exterior door handle illumination, an illuminated D-pillar logo, luminous metal welcome pedals, a Beats-branded audio system, a 13-speaker setup, and a 64-color ambient lighting system, available at an additional cost of 9,000 yuan (1,250 USD). Compared to the Pro+ version, the 2024 Pro edition sees adjustments in battery technology and range. It shifts from a ternary lithium battery to a lithium iron phosphate battery, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity from 66 kWh to 49 kWh. The CLTC range is also reduced from 535 km to 400 km. However, for urban-centric driving scenarios, these changes may not pose significant challenges. Additionally, the Pro version omits the front-row center airbag and wireless charging for mobile phones.

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Since its launch, the Smart #1 has garnered popularity, with nearly 70,000 units delivered worldwide. As part of Smart’s forward-looking initiatives, the brand inaugurated an 800V DC fast charging station in Shanghai, offering a maximum power delivery of 480 kW and a peak efficiency exceeding 96%.

As part of Smart’s strategic roadmap for 2022 to 2025, the brand commits to introducing a new model each year, with the previously reported “Mysterious MPV” launching this year.

Source: PC Auto

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