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Wuling Bingo price sliced by 10% to accelerate sales in China

The Wuling Bingo‘s price was cut by 10% as the SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) joint venture craves a sales boost. The discount is dedicated to the Chinese New Year and will end on March 31. The price of some trim levels has dropped by 8,000 yuan (1,125 USD).

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Wuling Bingo was launched in March last year by the well-known SGMW, the Hongguang Mini EV hip city car manufacturer. It is a small hatchback that aims to rival the BYD Seagull. Bingo gained momentum at the end of the last year, selling over 20,000 units monthly. Still, this promising hatchback lagged behind the BYD Seagull, which sells around 40,000 cars each month. So, the SGMW joint venture wants to seize the advantage by offering discounts.

Wuling Bingo price cut

The price dip affected four trim levels of the Wuling Bingo: Enjoy 333km, Enjoy+ 333km, Lingxi Internet+ 333km, and Lingxi Exclusive 410km. The price reduction is 5,000 – 8,000 yuan (700 – 1,125 USD), depending on the trim level. We have made a list of trim levels with the final cost.

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  • Wuling Bingo Enjoy 333km – 68,800 yuan (9,660 USD)
  • Wuling Bingo Enjoy+ 33km – 72,800 yuan (10,220 USD)
  • Wuling Bingo Lingxi Internet+ – 76,800 yuan (10,780 USD)
  • Wuling Bingo Lingxi Exclusive 410km – 83,800 yuan (11,765 USD)

It is worth noting that entry variants of this hatchback with a 203 km range remained the same. They are priced at 59,800 yuan (8,400 USD) and 65,800 yuan (9,240 USD). Aside from the price reduction, those who place an order for the Bingo during the validity period will get a free 3.5 kW charging pile, a lifetime warranty for the first owner, and a financial interest discount. 

So, Wuling eagerly wants to keep the sales volume of the Bingo high as the competition in the Chinese EV market has no signs of abating.

Briefly on Wuling Bingo

The Wuling Bingo is a small four-door electric hatchback with cute styling and dimensions of 3950/1708/1580 mm. It is 170 mm longer, 7 mm narrower, and 40 mm higher than the upcoming BYD Seagull. Inside, the Bingo has four seats and a twin screen. The powertrain of the Wuling Bingo has three variants:

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  • FWD, 30 kW, 17.3 kWh LFP battery, 203 km CLTC range
  • FWD, 50 kW, 31.9 kWh LFP battery, 333 km CLTC range
  • FWD, 50 kW, 37.9 kWh LFP battery, 410 km CLTC range

This year, Wuling also plans to launch an SUV variant of the Bingo called Bingo Plus. It follows the distinctive styling of the hatchback, boasting dimensions of 4090/1720/1575 mm and a wheelbase of 2610 mm. It will have a 75-kW e-motor and a 50.6-kWh battery pack. 

Source: Wuling

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