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Xiaomi SU7: further details and launch date emerge

Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese consumer electronics giant, introduced its first electric vehicle (EV), the Xiaomi SU7, in December last year. Yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China released details of this vehicle’s RWD version, highlighting Xiaomi’s compliance with regulatory standards and setting the stage for the forthcoming market release slated for March 28th.

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The SU7 RWD engine boasts a maximum power output of 220 kW and a torque of 400 Nm. Its rear-wheel drive configuration offers impressive acceleration, achieving the 0-100 km/h mark in just 5.28 seconds. The Xiaomi SU7 RWD version has a sleek and aerodynamic design. Xiaomi aims to maximize efficiency and performance with a low drag coefficient of only 0.195 Cd. Its battery has a 73.6 kWh capacity, providing a 668 km range under the CLTC (China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle) standard.

The SU7 is slightly longer than the Porsche Taycan, which many compare to the vehicle. Its dimensions are 4997/1963/1455 mm, with a wheelbase of 3000 mm. The car has a fairly large 105-liter trunk and 517-liter boot space.

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Inside the SU7 RWD version, passengers can expect a technologically advanced cabin. The vehicle features a 16.1-inch central control screen with a 3k resolution and a 7.1-inch instrument panel. Rear passengers are also treated to two additional screens. Xiaomi’s Pilot ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) integrates advanced technologies such as lidar, millimeter-wave radars, HD cameras, and ultrasonic radars, enabling various autonomous driving capabilities, including highway driving, self-parking, and car summoning.

Manufactured by BAIC Off-road Vehicle Co., a Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd (BAIC) subsidiary, the Xiaomi SU7 RWD version is set to hit the market on March 28, 2024. Lei Jun, the company’s CEO and founder, received some backlash among netizens when pricing wasn’t revealed. Fueling speculation about a higher price tag. Previously, Lei Jun said that some fans have unrealistic expectations about the price and to stop trolling with guesses as 99,900 yuan (14,000 USD) or 149,900 yuan (21,000 USD). CarNewsChina expects the price to be around 300,000 yuan (42,000 USD). We will find out soon enough, in a few weeks.

Source: MIIT and Baijiahao

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