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Xpeng’s Latest OTA Update – Xmart OS 4.4.0

Xpeng Motors launches Xmart OS 4.4.0. It adds improved High-Speed NGP Capability, facilitating lane changes in traffic, left turns at interchanges, and obstacle avoidance. The system covers 25 cities, providing detailed map data, and introduces features like transparent body views for precise parking.

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Extensive Enhancement of Pro High-Speed NGP Capability:

  • NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) is a key technology for Xpeng Motors, and the new version aims to enhance its performance on high-speed road segments.

Detailed Explanation of New Features:

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  1. Lane Change in Dense Traffic:
    • Enabling safe lane changes in heavy traffic.
  2. Left Turn at Complex Interchanges:
    • Intelligent execution of left-turn maneuvers in complex interchanges.
  3. Merge into Auxiliary Roads at Complex Intersections:
    • Safe merging into auxiliary roads at complex intersections.
  4. Avoid Obstacles in Dense Traffic:
    • Assisting in obstacle avoidance in congested traffic for enhanced safety.
  5. Automatic Lane Change with Turn Signals:
    • Automated lane changes based on turn signals.
  6. Continuous Lane Changing Overtaking with Pro High-Speed NGP:
    • Continuous lane changes and overtaking on highways for Pro version vehicles.
  7. Lane Change and Merge in Congested Construction Sections:
    • Intelligent lane changes and merging in congested construction sections.
  8. Protected Left Turn, Yield to Non-Motorized Vehicles:
    • Ensuring safety during left turns by yielding to non-motorized vehicles.
  9. 360 Transparent Body, Park in Unmarked Parking Spaces:
    • Clearer views for easier parking in unmarked spaces.
  10. Intelligent Parking Assistance, New Convenient Exit Function:
    • Autonomous location of suitable parking spaces, with a new convenient exit function.
  11. SR Simulation Display:
    • Displaying simulated surroundings for better driver understanding.
  12. Wireless Phone Projection:
    • Wireless projection of phone content for improved entertainment and navigation.

AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) Optimization:

Xpeng Motors has optimized AEB in Xmart OS 4.4.0:

  • Improved safety braking performance for various traffic participants, such as front vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians crossing vertically.
  • Enhanced safety braking performance for scenarios involving large trucks, laterally stationary vehicles, children crossing, etc., with more precise triggering.
  • Optimized safety braking performance for scenarios like following the front car and quick lane changes, with more precise and timely triggering.
  • Improved safety braking performance for scenarios involving sudden stops or turns of vulnerable traffic participants like motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians in front, with more precise and timely triggering.
  • Enhanced safety braking performance for scenarios like starting and turning, with more precise and timely triggering.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen Group invested $700 million in Xpeng, acquiring a 4.99% stake at $15 per ADS as part of its “local electrification” strategy. However, the launch of Volkswagen’s 1.2 software for Porsche Macan EV and Audi Q6 e-tron is delayed by 16-18 weeks. Simultaneously, the complete redevelopment of the 2.0 platform is ongoing. Volkswagen hired Sanjay Lal from Tesla and Rivian to improve the software platform, leading a new design hub at Cariad. With the goal to tap into China’s evolving customer and market segments, VW’s potential leveraging of Xpeng’s software development to support Sanjoy Lal at VW Cariad remains to be seen.

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Sources: Daily Entertainment

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