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Zeekr CS1E from Geely was spotted in China with 3 LiDAR sensors. To debut in August

The Zeekr CS1E electric sedan from Geely Group was spotted in China with three LiDAR sensors. One of them sits on top of the roof and two more LiDARS are located in front fenders. It will adopt the brand-new self-driving system. Let’s get to know the Zeekr CS1E better.

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Zeekr CS1E new spy shots

The Zeekr CS1E was recently spotted several times in China. Currently, it undergoes road tests with a strange camera pod on the roof. It is usually used during the testing process of autonomous driving functions. Usually, this kind of testing is a final stage before the production. It means that the Zeekr CS1E is almost ready for the market launch.

Speaking about these spy shots, we can see that the CS1E is covered with camouflage. But we still can underline some of its features like five-spoke rims, a single taillight unit, a slick aerodynamic shape and thin front pillars. As mentioned, the CS1E has also got a total of three LiDAR sensors. We will remind you that LiDAR is a laser sensor that measures the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver. So, its main purpose is to estimate the distance to some obstacles on the road (other cars, pedestrians, etc.) The LiDAR sensor is more efficient than high-precision cameras. And the Zeekr CS1E got three of them. It means that its autonomous driving system will have a high potential.

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Aside from LiDARs, we can also speak about the size of the Zeekr CS1E as it was spied in the underground parking lot next to the Zeekr 001 liftback. The CS1E appeared to be slightly shorter than the Zeekr 001, which dimensions are 4970/1990/1560 mm with a wheelbase of 3000 mm. We may assume that the estimated length of the Zeekr CS1E is 4800 mm. Just like every Zeekr model, the CS1E adopts the distinguishing front end design with running lights on top of the bonnet and headlights integrated into a front bumper.

Zeekr CS1E information

Zeekr CS1E early spy shot

As mentioned, the Zeekr CS1E is a fully electric sedan from Geely Group. Moreover, it is the very first sedan from the Zeekr brand. The CS1E stands on the SEA platform that also underpins Polestar 3, Volvo EX90, Smart #1 and every other Zeekr model. According to rumors, it will adopt the same powertrain as the Zeekr 001 with 544 hp. In China, the Zeekr CS1E will possibly make its official debut at the Chengdu Auto Show in August. It also has a high chance of launching in Europe since Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X are already available for pre-orders here. We will keep an eye on the Zeekr CS1E, so stay tuned!

Source: Weibo类星频道, Weibo宇宙出行指南

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