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Zhidou Rainbow colors and interior revealed

The Zhidou Rainbow does come in a choice of seven colors but disappointingly, especially after the teaser poster, these colors do not appear to be the seven colors of the rainbow. Instead the car is going the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Macaron route of offering pastel shades including pink, mauve, mint and sand (our names rather than the official ones). Also thanks to newly released pictures we now know what the interior looks like.

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Unlike the Changan Lumin the Zhidou Rainbow sticks very much to the standard micro EV formula first popularized by the Wuling. Overall the design is quite cute and is a three door four seat car.

Y on the side shaped light clusters at the front and back make the new car quite distinctive compared to the competition. Interestingly the two tone paint extends from the roof down the A pillars but both the B and C pillars are blacked out. The tailgate opening is relatively large and there is a large rear window.

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We now have some idea of what the new car looks like inside. The dashboard is more high tech looking than some of the competition with both an LCD instrument screen above the steering wheel and a floating touch screen. Underneath the central screen there appears to be some dials presumably for climate control. There is a very typical Mini EV like center compartment complete with rotating drive selector. Interior colors judging from the pink and white in the pictures follow on from the exterior color selected.

Interior of the Zhidou Rainbow

Length, width and height of the Zhidou Rainbow are 3224/1515/1630 mm, and the wheelbase is 2100 mm. This is quite a bit bigger than the Wuling or the Geely Panda Mini EV so obviously space will be one of the selling points of the Rainbow. Currently there are no pictures of the luggage space of the car, in the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV there is essentially none unless you fold down one of the rear seats. So far from the released pictures it is difficult to work out the situation with the Zhidou Rainbow. We can see, however, that there are cargo nets on the sides in the back and that the seats do fold down.

The Zhidou Rainbow will launch next month. The 20 kW electric motor version has a 17.18 kW battery giving a range of 201 km. For the 30 kW electric motor version range is 205 km thanks to the ever so slightly larger 17.3 kWh battery pack. Zhidou was once one of China’s leading EV producers but after suffering financial problems the company stopped producing cars. Recently the company was saved partly by Geely and the Rainbow is the comeback car.

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Source: Autohome

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