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First EV from Nio’s European brand Firefly spied in China

Nio’s Firefly EV was spotted in China once again during road tests. New photos reveal more details of its exterior. The Firefly EV will cost below 200,000 yuan (27,800 USD) in China. Its European debut is scheduled for 2025.

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Firefly EV new spy shots

The Firefly EV was seen in China next to the Nio’s power swap station (PSS). The spotted vehicle has an inner number 34350, which differs from the previously spied Firefly EV. Due to its long wheelbase with short overhangs, the spied vehicle looks like a hatchback. However, Chinese sources prefer to call it a crossover.

From the back, the Firefly EV has surround-view cameras in the front fenders and a slightly slanted roofline. Other features of the Firefly EV are hidden door handles, a small rear wiper, and a roof spoiler. This EV also has conventional side-view mirrors with frames. Moreover, its doors also have frames. As a result, they look less aesthetic but enhance sound deadening.

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The Firefly EV has a charging port in the rear right fender. Its taillights have blocky patterns. Previous spy shots have shown that this hatchback also has blocky headlights in the front. Unlike other Nio cars, it doesn’t have cameras or a LiDAR sensor on the roof.

More info on Firefly EV

As mentioned, the Firefly brand is explicitly developed for Europe. However, it will also sell in China at a price below 200,000 yuan (27,800 USD). There are some mixed signals about the Firefly’s manufacturing plant. According to previous reports, it will be assembled in Chuzhou, Anhui province, at the former Cheetah Automobile Factory. Other sources mention that the Firefly EV will be assembled at the Nio’s F1 factory in Hefei, Anhui province.

In 2023, Nio was quite optimistic with its annual sales target of 245,000 units. However, its global deliveries were barely over 160,000 cars. Most of them were sold in China Mainland. As a result, Nio reduced its goal for 2024 to 230,000 vehicles. This year, Nio will launch two more brands: Onvo (codename Alps) and Firefly. Onvo cars will focus on the price segment of 200,000 – 300,000 yuan (27,800 – 41,700 USD). And the Firefly will enter the 100,000 – 200,000 yuan (13,900 – 27,800 USD) field.

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Source: Weibo

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